I find myself overwhelmed with my new work. As with most of my art, it’s cerebral. Stripping it down to base ideas—into directions rather than clear cut perspectives yields me no significant satisfaction. When I do it on one layer basal I become frustrated with it because it begins to take a meaning that I do not intend. It becomes diluted and I want to throw it out and start all over again. I am at the crossroads where I can create an image that will sell, but it is at the cost of not saying what I mean. I can’t seem to compromise. Even though I have clear conversations with curators and gallery owners that say, take this image or that image and I can sell it. Then I hear my fathers voice... Just give them what they want, the rest can come later. I have lived a life of putting myself second, am I to do that very same thing in my art work? What then becomes the point? Is it futile to want to express a vision regardless of the consequences, good or bad? In the end if I am willing to stand by my choice who gives a care about the rest.

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Comment by Ted Cantu on January 27, 2009 at 11:00pm
I am a big fan of doing what you want despite what others may think. Since everything in art is subjective I find it difficult to get emotionally torn over a color choice or the handling of subject matter. I am also all for throwing out typical conventional thinking. Just make yourself happy first -- and then consider your audience second.
Comment by allicette on August 1, 2008 at 11:36am
I know and understand "the game" and in some regards I am lucky that I have a "day job" that allows me a certain amount of independence and a huge buffer in having to play "the game". What I think that I an getting at is the irony that opportunity opens itself towards a direction that I do not want just when I am on the brink of something greater in my work.

I will not lie, I am a strong willed person, but when people who I respect and has my ear, tells me to think about how I can sell my work. I will listen. And I am human, I do wonder about that path that I am reluctant to navigate.


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