Odd news I had a booth at the alternative art show in Lemoyne, Pa. and showed my paintings and other works. I proved a point! Some people here locally refused to show 2 of my peices because they thought the people in the area would be in an uproar. The peice labeled "to be... " and the peice labeled "Mystique". Strangely enough everyone was cool with them and the parents did not go running out of the building with their kids. They actually appreciated that it was art and not pornography. These were not the social elitists etc... but rather a good general ncrossection of the population.

I even had a Sheriffs deputy come through and he was cool with it! The reaction I got from everone was alm ost universal. Most of the women loved it and even many of the guys. Universally the people viewing it all moved their hands to protect that certain part of the body without thinking.All the men and some of the women. But I had nothing but postive comments even from those whose first word was "O m god!". After looking at it along with the rest of my body of work they were cool. I guess a big giant phalice can grow on anyone if they rub it intilectually the right way. LOL. Everyone is waiting to buy till they have those damned rebate checks!

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Comment by allicette on May 6, 2008 at 10:54pm
I'm proud that you keep fighting the good fight!


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