I am what I am- some random facts


Robb and I (deena) make stuff and do things.

We also collect stuff, but encourage play and exploration of; books, comix, records, cds, cassettes, toys,vintage radios and musical instruments (the hamburger harmonica is my favorite).

We met working at 'The Beer Store', really romanitic.

We love music, art and travel, but who doesn't?

Robb is in a band called Confusion Fog (www.myspace.com/confusionfog)

Robb has been drawing comix since the womb (check out old Scabie Nation titles such as the End of the Line series and rare Desert Planet).

Robb is color blind but still pretty stellar when he tries his hand at it (but it is even more fun when he unleashes his masterpieces onto us to use like coloring books).

We like to hang out and watch movies eating delicious food I whip up in our "Suburban Vagina" (picture dusty rose meets peach) kitchen.

I am in theoretical band called 'Betty and the Heroines'.

I make 2D and 3D art pieces in all sorts of mediums and themes.

I use words like keen and neat, and mean it.

I work at an independent record store.

We like collaborating with each other and maybe you?

Okay now you know some stuff about us, let us know stuff about you, come on don't just stalk us from afar, lets make it a two way game.


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