j. - the artist and the interpretation: aka how to scramble an egg

j.- the artist.

as my birth name is a long drawn out ethnically devoid dribble that i cannot begin to have the patience to sign my work with, i have opted for the pseudonym. there are many advantages to this simplification. one, it provides me with the feeling of freedom to guise myself beneath the ambiguity of a letter. two, i feel that through my work the signification of the letter undermines the sense of haughty self-importance that many contemporary artists wear. three- the utilization of the lowercase also aides in the description of my dis-personality: one of inherently low self-esteem and constant self-analysis- therefore lowering myself to a lowercase transfers my inept feelings into a powerhouse of nothing.
crazy? probably. but it makes me happy. that's whats up.

part duex- to put a title to an emotion, a moment, a fleeting whisper from god.
aka: the titles

as i am highly addicted to the internet, email, technology and the like (as we all obviously are) there is a higher self inside of me who is constantly evaluating the situation of society, where i fit into it, where you fit into it, where the scab laden bum on the corner fits into it. in my effort to define the world around me and ensconce the emotions that it evokes i have opted to title my work as though it were the product of a random technological device (i.e. the ol' digital camera entitles images on its own, we chose to rename it). the actual codes that i use as titles are in fact the date that the piece was completed in conjunction with the place. for example: 08292006j.bk is in reality a piece that was completed on aug. 29th, 2006 by the artist j. in brooklyn. ya feels me?

3- ingredients. aka: its all inside.

my art is an effort to encapsulate my distaste for the corporate megapoly, the pop culture, the mass consciousness and the overall idiocy of our nation/world. despite the fact that i support the global village (i.e. the internet) i absolutely abhor all the ideas starting with : mass. mass communication, saturday mass, mass consciousness, mass economy , you get the idea. . . i make every effort to incorporate the impersonal nature of "the mass" with my highly interpersonal ideas of religion, spirituality, race and our culture. my goal, as a painter, poet and otherwise outspoken rabblerouser, is to convey that we should indeed take a moment to consider where we are coming from and where we are in fact going. the internet is great, credit cards are great, mini-marts are conveinant, but seriously, with all of these modern novelties where are we headed? really.

granted, on occasion my art celebrates my personal life and experiences. i am a gypsy. i can't stay put. i keep roving from state-to-state to country to villiage to city. . . just can't keep still. life is so full and abundant and varied- i want to experience it all, learn from it, and push the revelations i have through my brush or pen and put it back in your face.
ultimately, as a creative soul, i am asking the "mass" CAN YOU HEAR ME? 'cause for some damn reason i feel like i got something to say.

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(pop quiz: can u decipher the above signature?)

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