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What should I do with the background? I was thinking about removing everything and leaving the background blank with perhaps a nice blue colour to put the emphasis on the two sinners... What do you think?

...And the Godly weapon? I was thinking about taking the old fashion spear (sword) for something more contemporary, yeah, a modern gun...

Do you guys beleive in a religious art revival?

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Comment by Galen Caulfield on September 15, 2007 at 8:42am
absolutely glad to see this direction. looks like adam is very accusational, which is fitting, given history.

why not the garden of eden as a climate-transition-gradient type thing? one side could be all "perfect" and the other beginning to appear less forgiving.

the gun complicates things. if you were going to introduce that element, it seems like you would need to frame it consistent references to a historical parallel which fits an m16 or what have you. maybe adam with a gas mask and eve is being evacuated from a biological war zone (earth after eden), etc....

best of luck with it man


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