first pics of the long painting public work.

to all my new homies out there, i've met so many new great inovative artists lately on this site. so many disciplines, so varied and oh so fresh. lot of great thinkers out there. in the spirit of sharing, i'd like to announce the addition of the photos from my public work "Labor Day 2003". unfortunately, i loaded them frontwards so they appear last image first. what can i say, i'm brilliant not smart. in any event, the piece is 55 inches high and 165 feet long. it has 36 images (edited down from almost 3000 from that day) and follows my day. starting in the morning with my dogs waking and moving to the tv, my backyard, the beach and back to the tv. i picked the subject almost arbitrarily. this was intended as a proto-type to show it could be done. i want to do more and use it as a platform to change perception and enrich the lives of people traveling in large area's with high art that is easy to understand yet new in its approach and execution. it was never intended to be shown in a gallery but larger public indoor areas. and, as it has no frame -it is architecturally friendly. it could even be set up as a maze. i will soon have these same images on my website stitched together so they can be viewed as tho you were walking down the painting. i hope you all enjoy and keep up the great work.

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