Art or Vandalism? Darcie Turner

Viewers will most likely see my art as vandalism, an act of destruction and maybe even pointless. On the other hand some see hidden messages, personal and meaningful and maybe even beautiful. There is a recurring theme in my work that not only deals with my life but others who have a street life or love.

Either you see it or you do not. My art expresses the question Art or Vandalism? I balance color and chaos to fool the eye and hide a message in almost every piece, weather its personal or not. Within it all mirrors the reality of the world I live in.

My love for street art, especially graffiti is in the direct opposition to show the world this is art though it may be in the wrong place at times. There is a lack of concern for a graffiti artist and I want it to be known that it is an art no matter where it is done. The streets give it more attention because of the amount of people who walk by everyday. Maybe everyone should stop and just look at it for once instead of turning there head and passing it by.

I would like to bring my art to a higher level. Not only do I want my art on walls, canvas and paper I would like to bring it to clothing, magazines, advertisements, and decoration. Everyone sees it everyday in these forms and never notices it. I would like everyone to see it as an art.

While my work may seem chaotic, there exists in each piece a variety. I emphasize this with color, value, texture, and line. Directional lines that flow to often times confuse the eye intended to study it hard to really dig deep into meaning.

I use marker, colored pencil, pen and ink, watercolor and spray paint. I use all of the Medias to create different layers and textures on paper to make it look as though it is spray paint done on a wall. My work confronts me with the struggle in life that always seems to reappear whether it is good or bad. No matter what the time is I will always have a piece of art to remember those times and how far I have come.

I have been influenced by many artist and writers. I do not have a certain artist I look up too. All graffiti artists keep there names unknown or use there tag so no one ever really knows who they are. I find this interesting to the whole theme of keeping things confusing and chaotic.

I think the main purpose of my art is people despise it so much because it is not ordinary and boring. My purpose is to make people think, look twice and create wonder. I want my work to be known as well as my name to see if I can change the attitude towards graffiti.

"Risk is essential. There is no growth of inspiration in staying within what is safe and comfortable."

Graffiti is a mural on the side of a building. Graffiti is a slogan or slur found in a bathroom stall. Graffiti is a scrawl of someone's name or nickname, also known as a tag on the side of a building. Graffiti is a political or artistic logo stenciled on a post office box or traffic sign. Graffiti is a multi-colored cartoon incorporating its writer's name. Graffiti is in your face. Graffiti is illegal. Graffiti is dangerous. Graffiti is art.

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