Why should WE blame the "Innocents" on either side of that Magnificent Pond, as we tear through our OWN chest of drawers for TRUTH? For Shame, For Shame; and WHO the hell in the name of GOG do we feel an obligation to ...? Where MAY I view this Heirophant, or this Freak, that holds the Universe as we know it in SUSPENSE of "Que-Sera, Sera?!?" What WILL be, shall surely BE; and that has always been ENOUGH for me....and other times I DIG and DIG, until my guts are on FIRE with the Desire for JUSTICE. "And Justice For All...." ALL? Who are WE? We are the Great and the Small; we come from different PLACES, have multi-coloured FACES, different MINDS, and Mr. Coffee is no longer MY best friend. Nor are the pills or wizz that I thought could cure MY MIND of WORLD INJUSTICE....and I do not have to be a MARTYR for the TRUTH....!! No, I am NOT Saint JOAN d'ARC at the stake today being burned, just as MOSES was scorched by that "burning BUSH!"!!! "And I guess I just don't know...." Nor do I, LOU; and I'm up too late to figure it all OUT.... All that I remember from one *EPIPHANY* in a South-London Flat was that "most of what is SAID is not necessary" AND that I do not have to be a VICTIM; and I sure as petunias or puke do not have to VOLUNTEER for MADNESS on the "INSIDE." We CREATE....sometimes we FEEL that we NEED to SEDATE; but now I can "Take a Deeeep Breathe" (oh how I hate that cliche); and be an Observer. I can LOOK at YOU, as you (in turn) STARE back at me. Remember: We are oft-times the "Blind Leading the Blind" and therefore I rest my case. Right here, right now. I could LOOK BACK into the PAST with longing...."Awwwww shucks" and recall the CARTER Administration, or the Monica Lewinski Episode. Clinton? IMPEACHED for a WHAaaat? Monica, HOw could YOU? Another Epiphany, another simple truth. The SLEEPING DRAGON is not the "GOOK" or the "SPOOK" or that "GOON" that is unfamiliar to the average white middle-class creature with a fine Florida tan and a great Stereo System in his-her CAR. I'm NOT impressed with your "RING-TONE" pal, gal, or call yerself Sal....DO I NEED a different Ringtone to tell ME who is on the LINE? MAybe Georgie W. Should try the "RING-TONES".....and then he'd know when THIS one or THAT one was on HOLD....(like another Dictator besides the ONE he sees in the LOOKING-GLASS. ON HOLD.... ON HOLD..... ON HOLD.... Kept in Suspense...and Friends, This is NOT a "THRILLER!" In Fact, to REMAIN SILENT would be against the Greater GOOD. Then again, WHO determines WHAT is GOOD. GOOD/EVIL.... I JUST wanna know what's Goin' On in my own Land if I'm agonna LIVE here, that's ALL. IT's not about GOOD; it's ABOUT PReservation of the Species...haha! ~Do YOU WANNA know what's happening in the Land where you DO or DON'T pay taxes, use Public Johns, Hop the Metro? We can send GEORGE back to the Jungle, and there he can be "King of that WILD FRONTIER!" Cheers, brooklyn art project; and thanks for letting this chica who got stuck in a TIME-WARP of old-school values, (ie: The Golden Rule),express herself in this Time of "BLOG." The "SLEEPING DRAGONS" are merely in the minds of those already tainted by more than MADNESS. AGAIN, There was in Medeival Times a story about a Brave Knight GEORGE and a DRAGON....Little did any creature know that GEORGE became the very DRAGON that he had SLAIN. NOW... Who is "the MAN"? Tricky DICK (pardon le expression) was questioned about CASSETTE TAPES; ....Oh, Alright...WATERGATE? C'mon, he just wanted to WIN that Election. They "hung him out to dry" as a CROOK, even though he knew something called....FOREIGN POLICY; yeah....I'd rather have a few CASSETTE-TAPES caught at a Convention, rather than an OIL-FUELLED ARMEGGEDON. But then again, that's JUST ME.

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Comment by Brian Young on January 16, 2008 at 7:43pm
Yes, George W. is twice the A. hole that Richard Nixon was. Why don't more people see this?
Comment by Martina Murphy on August 1, 2007 at 4:25pm
Hi there,
Just wondering if you are the same Tassa Wilson that hung out with some Irish students, in Allston Boston in the summer of 1985. (There was a rock bar called Bunratty's we used to go to!). Your folks lived on the North Shore and your Dad was a prof at local uni?? Not sure if you are same Tassa Wilson, but if you are, pls email me back at sharmar@onetel.net as trying to locate this Tassa after many years.


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