This is a story I recently started... Chapter 1 My name is Anais, but I am known as the black widow by most. I acquired this name because that is the title of the clothing line I design. Every morning I would walk out to my roof and stare at a large threatening structure in the distance. It was miles away and I could just barely see its outline. Most people knew it as the cage, coined by the media, but the government called it the Sub Human Socialization Center. It was a modern day concentration camp for those deemed inhuman. The occupants really weren't human for the most part the few that were had committed horrendous criminal acts. Everything else was an aberration, they were mutated humans. There were creatures that closely resemble the thought legendary vampires, witches, and other strange things. They all looked human but they were not and they hated humans, at least that is what we were told and with time, it became true. Now the cage isn't just wire and fencing, that would never hold its occupants. From the inside out, there are various barriers. The first is a combination of spells and charms that rise in a bubble over the top to prevent the vampires, spirits and humans from crossing; it can also hold back weak witches and gypsies. The next barrier is a twenty-foot electrical fence then there are the great metal walls that at the right times of day block the sun entirely. This set up is rather brilliant because the occupants all hate each other it is a natural instinctive hatred that keeps them from working together. Any time they put aside their differences and work together, they could break free and exterminate those that imprisoned them. This inability to compromise and trust is what makes them most like humans and most dams them as sub human. Though they were caged, they were not treated as animals entirely, they were simply kept away from the rest of us. They were given markets for food and clothing stores they had most modern technologies as well. Though we did not send to them weapons, they became creative and made their own. Besides providing them with their necessities, we did not intervene. That was the policy. Nevertheless, things change, accidents happen. Let's just say a certain someone got a taste of the other side. "Anais wake up. Its 7 o'clock." a soft warm voice commanded. She looked up and smiled at her boyfriend of four years. She stretched and grabbed a robe, coffee, and her sketching supplies. The chilled morning air slapped her in the face as she opened the door to her rooftop. Anais settled her self on a cushioned bench as she stared at the structure in the distance and noted the dark clouds peaking from behind it. She began to sketch simple lines appearing on the paper before her. Design after design appeared but as she stared at each finished product she frowned and continued. She did this ritual for two hours and then went back down to her lavish apartment and slammed the door to the bedroom. A small smile crossed her lips as she saw pants, a blouse and an umbrella laid out before her with a bit of paper on top. She reached for it and it read "Heard it's supposed to rain thought you could use this." Anais frowned and wondered to herself the same thing she always wonders when a boyfriend does something sweet. "Why don't I love him?" The reason she most often settled on is that she is simply incapable of love. She sighed and dressed quickly, she realized she was behind schedule. Staring down at the ground Anais kicked a small rock. "This is ridiculous." she shrieked, "I haven't had a good idea for months." She then looked around and realized she was talking to herself again. "I just don't understand I used to be so good I was the best and I can't do it any more. The inspiration is gone." she slumped backward her face was drawn and tired she looked like a heroine addict on withdrawal. "I need to get it back. I will do anything to get it back." she spurted at the bench. With a small sigh, she stood up and moved closer to the cage. She slid her tan fingers over the cage's cold outer wall, searching for that energy that special force that slides into her veins and forces her hand into brilliant designs. While she trudged a slight drizzle came down and her umbrella rested closed in her bag. Her fingers continued to follow the walls imperfections she had become so familiar with. The calcification found its way to her touch and she knew the metal would dip in soon. The drizzle started to pour but Anais moved on. She was not even aware of the waterfall surrounding she was only aware of the wall whispering its secrets into her ears. Hours passed as she walked the massive structure's perimeter, that moment of true inspiration always a groove away. Her mind was humming softly and constantly until she reached a part that was different. Anais opened her eyes and stared at a door that swayed in front of her. She blinked, it was still there. She reached forward and could feel that artists tingle, that moment before brilliance takes hold. Inspiration was so close. Anais steps forward and the door swings shut behind her and dissipates into the cage. She was in the third ring and quickly saw an entrance to the second a where the rust ate away the fence. "How can this be here? Someone should be maintaining this." she stared. The rain suddenly began to downpour lightning lit up the sky and the electric fence began to sway. "That isn't safe." She quickly ducked under and ran the several yards to where she assumed the first barrier began. She stared at the strange plants that grew there and the weird symbols that were scorched into the earth. Anais had a sudden sickening feeling in her stomach. She turned around to look at the fence and for the first time saw the bodies, there were at least fifty all within fifteen feet of the fence many were almost fully decomposed. "Oh my god." she gasped. Anais turned and walked through the enchantments with one hand reaching forward. The high of revelation filling her void. She walked to a tree that shielded some of the rain she hid behind it and sketched; this would be her best work yet she smiled, "Well, if I survive." Chapter 2 Anais set down her pencil as she noticed the sun had been replaced by the moon. She was surprised that she wasn't afraid. She heard stories about creatures being mauled by other creatures but some how she didn't care. Anais carefully tucked her leather bound sketch book into her bag next to the perfectly dry umbrella and walked to where she figured she would find the gypsies, humans, and witches she did not wish an encounter with a vampire or something worse. The smells of homemade foods wafted into her nose as she checked for currency. "I wonder if they take money." She made her way through a brightly lit crowded market observing the bartering process and she noticed that a few did use crupels, a form of old currency. "Can I help you?" a disheveled leering man asked as he gazed at her slender dark body and her wavy black hair. "Just looking for my friend." she responded tersely her evergreen eyes blazing to emerald. Anais turned sharply and made her way to a table in the corner. A few moments later, a woman came over and asked her if she wanted the special. She replied yes and went back to her sketchbook making simple adjustments to each design. Anais swiftly shot her head up and looked around herself sharply. She had a sudden feeling of dread and fear. Something was watching her. She noticed the man from earlier was leering but this sickening feeling was not from him. Closing her eyes, she let herself feel where the darkness's source was. Slowly opening her eyes her gazed rested on a tall oak tree. She stared at this tree until the woman brought her food. "What you looking at?" the woman asked. "I can't see it but I know something over there is watching me. I can feel it." Anais explained glancing back at the tree knowing what ever was there had moved. "Probably a vampire, they can't go past that line of trees. We put some enchantments up last year after one took my sister. My name is Nikaw by the way, resident witch and waitress. You new?" she chattered. "Um, yes just got in. I would rather not talk about it though. My name is Anais, I'm just human." she responded glancing back at the line of trees. "How much is this?" "It's on the house." Nikaw sighed. Anais looked back at Nikaw, confusion all over her face. "It is only fitting for your last supper. You wont make it through the night." Nikaw told her. "Why do you say that?" Anais asked not surprised at this suggestion. "Well, the leering guy was sent here for 128 counts of rape and murder that has doubled since he was sent here and it appears he has his eye on you." she smirked. "I think I can take one pig." Anais stated a disgusted look on her face. "He works with four other guys each get their turn. I doubt you can kill all five, you are just human after all." "Hmm. It sounds like you have more to say." "Yeah that vampire that you were staring at, he took my sister and he wants you. He sees humans as possessions, trophies. If you look around his lackeys are circling. Like I said you wont make it through the night." she informed Anais. "Yee have so little faith." Anais smiled. 'So why are all these creeps planning to pounce on me?" "Hmm, your aura is quite interesting it has a personality mixture that is rare. Plus you're good looking, for most that would be a good enough explanation." Nikaw smiled questioningly. "Looks wouldn't have three vampires after me along with the five rapists. Vampires don't care that much about appearance they care about power, intelligence, and sexuality. Besides once turned your flaws disappear." Anais laughed. They chatted for a bit and then she asked, "Hey, um, any chance you have a witch's blade I could buy I would like to be able to protect my self?" "Yeah I'll be back with it in a minute." Chapter 3 Anais slipped out the back of the restaurant holding her purchases. Among them she had an amulet for strength and a witch's blade that strikes truer than any other knife. She started in the direction of an inn that Nikaw told her about. It was eight blocks away and it was two hours before daylight. Out of the corner of her eye she could see one of the vampires trailing her. She just kept walking following the line of the protective barrier. Anais could sense another two moving closer, they were beginning to circle her; she broke out in a run. She was in trouble. She turned down another street where there were gypsies hoping their enchantments would hold off the vampires. It seemed to work. Anais glanced around trying to completely soak up her surroundings. She noticed a shadow hiding by the entrance to an alley and grasped her blade. After a few minutes she started back towards the inn. She barely made it a block and she could sense them closing in again. What am I going to do? I have to throw them off. Just then she made it to a corner that was partially hidden by a bush. She carefully dropped her packages so that they landed behind the bush, out of the vampires view. She left just her feet sticking out. She quickly slid off her shoes, grabbed her things, and ran. I hope this works. It took them a few moments to notice she was gone. They began to pursue her. She had turned down a few different streets hoping they would be thrown off. She was closing in on the inn, but she could hear them behind her. She pushed her body as hard as she could, but then she felt one grab her by her waist. He pulled her back screaming, just inches from the barrier. She turned, clawed, and scratched at the faceless blur but it didn't do a thing. She centered herself and remembered the witch's blade. She pulled it out and dug it into the vampire's arm. He pulled back his arm in shock and she ran the few feet. Stumbling over the barrier she fell to the ground inches inside. Anais turned and saw the three vampires watching her. She stood and walked to the inn. "Safety." she sighed. "Hi I need a room." Anais stated as she pulled out her wallet. "Sorry babe we're all out. There is a place a few blocks down. It's shitty but it's got a roof." the man behind the counter told her. "Thanks. Does the barrier cover to there?" "Yeah, but it still isn't safe. Watch yourself." She started down the street checking behind her shoulder. Looking ahead she saw a group of men in a door way. They stopped talking when they saw her it was like they were waiting for her. After she passed they slinked out, all five of them. They jeered and made rude comments none of which she heard. She focused her mind and body and recalled her master Kisha's teachings. As the men closed in around her she tensed her muscles and struck forward. She was vaguely aware of her opponents all she could see clearly were her fists as she struck each wobbling blob. Suddenly she was on her knees gasping for air and being repeatedly kicked and bludgeoned. Coughing up blood she managed to stand up and regain her balance. With a quick kick and jab she knocked down one of her attackers. She then stabbed him repeatedly until she was thrown off him by one of his friends. She stood back up and started fighting with a short and fat man it took only one jab to his chest to send him down. With a round house kick she then sent down another opponent. She turned to see a short thin man just as he swung a bat at her head. She fell to the ground nearly unconscious. The two left then stood over her. "Pin down her arms. I found her I go first." "What ever man as long as I get my turn. Make it quick I don't want her to wake up. She is a tough one." Anais could feel her pants being slid down. "I need to focus." she thought to her self. She then kicked the man that was on top of her. The man holding her down jumped backward and she leapt to her feet. She grabbed her blade, turned and ran at him blade in hand. He fell to the ground blood all over his shirt. She felt a sudden pang of pain and fell dropping the blade. The one man left grabbed a stray piece of wood and began to beat her with it. All she could do was pray to Kashui for guidance. After several minutes of inexplicable pain she rolled over and kicked him in the nuts and rammed her shoulder into his stomach. He fell to the ground and she straddled him trying to wrap her fingers around his throat. She tried to squeeze but her muscles were to stiff. In the corner of her eye she could see her blade glistening only it was in some ones hand. She grasped the blade and stabbed the man in his throat. By the person's aura she knew he was a vampire. "Are they all dead?" she gasped. "No, the tall one is still clinging." She crawled over to the tall one and stabbed him until she became unconscious. The vampire rose and slid his arms under her and picked her up. "What an amazing specimen of woman she will make an excellent vampire." To be continued...

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Comment by Jonathan D Price on June 15, 2007 at 5:38pm
wow...excellent writing.


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