Announcing La Moustache Participants

Announcing the participants of LA MOUSTACHE: a traveling art show—with stops in NEW YORK, MONTREAL and TORONTO—all about moustaches which features drawing-based works-on-paper by artists of Canada, USA and UK. Mucho mustachioed are: Adam K Johns (Toronto, ON) Alex D McLeod (Toronto, ON) Allison Moore (Montreal, QC) Andre Rodriquez Edwards (Toronto, ON) Andree Leduc (Montreal, QC) Andrew Sloan (Providence, RI) Andrzej Tarasiuk (Toronto, ON) Anjni Raol (New York, NY) Anneke van Bommel (Toronto, ON) Anthony Gerace (Toronto, ON) Anthony Taylor (Toronto, ON) Cara Lynn Kleid (New York, NY) Chris Lee (Toronto, ON) Christa Rowley (Toronto, ON) Chris Watson (Toronto, ON) Clare Elson (Montreal, QC) Clement Yeh (Montreal, QC) Courtney Chetwynd (Calgary, AB) Daniel Rocca (Toronto, ON) David Woodward (Toronto, ON) Deborah Grumet (New York, NY) Deena Jacobs (Toronto, ON) Dustin Wilson (Montreal, QC) Gabriel Dawe (Montreal, QC) Gaetanne Lavoie (San Francisco, CA) Eden Veaudry (Montreal, QC) Elliot Bassman (New York, NY) Heather Levy (Washington, DC) Heather Quinsey (Toronto, ON) Ingrid Mesquita (Toronto, ON) Jason Das (New York, NY) Jason Sparks Jay Bailey (Las Vegas, NV) Jennifer Lupien (Montreal, QC) Jenny Santos (Toronto, ON) Jimena De Miguel (Montreal, QC) John Mejias (New York, NY) Julia Baird (Toronto, ON) Julie McMillionaire (Toronto, ON) Kat Walkiewicz (Toronto, ON) Kathryn Jankowski (Toronto, ON) Kirby L. Mages (New York, NY) Linda Lencovic (London, UK) Lisa Lipton (Halifax, NS) Lisa Ng (Toronto, ON) Luca Bogdan (Toronto, ON) Lucas Wright (Toronto, ON) Maria Delgado Gambini (Yonkers, NY) Marilyn Glinka (New York, NY) Mark Lomond (Montreal, QC) Marta Mantyka (Calgary, AB) Matt Wiegle (New York, NY) Melissa Bessey (Toronto, ON) Melissa Hamonic (Toronto, ON) Michal Tkachenko (Sheffield, UK) Mike Gagne (Toronto, ON) Mike Parsons (Toronto, ON) Mirela Z (Montreal, QC) Misanthrope Specialty Co. (Toronto, ON) Nik Dudukovic (Toronto, ON) Otto Chin (New York, NY) Pattie Chalmers (Carbondale, IL) Rachelle Lapointe (Montreal, QC) Randy Gagne (Toronto, ON) Reid Schwartz (Boston, MA) Romaqn Kalyniuk (Toronto, ON) Rosemary Travale (Toronto, ON) Ryan Ebeling (New York, NY) Ryan Ringer (Toronto, ON) Ryan Solski (Toronto, ON) Samantha Chiusolo (Toronto, ON) Sara Edward-Corbett (New York, NY) Shawn Cheng (New York, NY) Stefan Johansson (New York, NY) Stephanie Sikma (Hamilton, ON) Steven Orner (Montreal, QC) Tara Atluri (Toronto, ON) Teresa Humphrey (Toronto, ON) Timothy Stigliano (Somerville, MA) Trevor Homenick (Toronto, ON) Vera Lluch (Toronto, ON) Wendy Ding (Toronto, ON) Wendy Ferguson (Grimsby, ON) Yvon Julie (Brampton, ON) -------------------- OF SPECIAL NOTE: La Moustache MONTREAL and NEW YORK will coincide with the next Montreal and NYC Roadtrips so participating Toronto artists will have opportunities to attend the New York and Montreal openings and meet the participating artists of those cities. We plan to make the cost of the Roadtrip CHEAP as possible for participating La Moustachers. -------------------- MORE INFO SOON. For all inquiries/info:

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