--eskaping amerika-- speed demon

blinded by ego maniacal ambition cannot see past me.
sleep deprived yet full of drive-
feeling so alive and hopelessly dead inside
the crone drone monotone banging the cage with her blackened age-old rage
charcoal coloured vomit leaves stains on the drains of my mental toilet throne- release of the ragin' agin' ravenous roaring woman inside
-cannot cry cause my hips are dry- cracked, pussy camel backed-
left to die on the dawn of forgiveness

consumed by the emptiness

my souls hotel sign gleams neon bright red vacancy
drive through thighs
blindfolded and fumbling through emptied pockets for the change that i need to make
caffeine dreams turn to sour urine streams
staining the powder blue panties of an ethereal sky
cotton white clouds burned nicotine yellow
tangled up in gods golden robes
trying to get lost in buddha’s elongated lobes-

drowning the ID in a perkaset daydream
stifling the daily scream of my consciousness
streaming- young and sleezy-
coke drizzles rain on the brains of the underdeveloped
sizzle of potential in a frying pan of pain
fatback feeds the obese mainstream
clogging the arteries of would-be amerikan dreams
settled and sedated in suburban bliss
dodging the dream draft and clinging to a perkaset raft
asshole pinched in political constipation
bloated with the travesty
of prepackaged food and self-abuse
reminding myself that this state is self-induced-
mind muscles flabby with lack of use
uncle-sam approved toxin use creating a wealth of health care abuse-
fat man keeps getting fatter
fodder for the federal fire
piled on the cocaine high of skyscraper stilettos
hanging by a designer thread
a pendulum of karmic dread.

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