The Benefactor strives to offer a balanced diet of literature and visual art, and we're trying to work out collaboration with motion picture and audio media as well. For now, I just want to mention those visual artists we have worked with thus far, and encourage everyone on to contribute to our artistic subcommunity.

It's extremely helpful to all of us artists when we share our projects and resources. Those who create art are so often inwardly directed, especially when it comes to creative work, that they really need people to help them take their art public so that it can fulfill its purpose of communication and shared experience.

In the first issue of The Benefactor, we featured photogropher Ashley d'Avignon Goodwin's "Space Scenes", and illustrations by Cessa Cantrell. In the Issue A (Short Story Series) we neglected to involve visual art. [:( In Issue 2, the poetry edition, an illustrated poem is featured by Zachariah leBaron d'Avignon Goodwin. And in Issue B (Short Story Series) illustrations by John Skinner as well as cover photography by John Skinner and Zoe Holmes grace our pages.

I'm particularly excited for upcoming issues, making leaps and bounds of increased quality: Issue 3, the letters issue, will feature some super instant photographs from the collection of Brittan Rosendahl, and for issue 4 we are very proud to have the permission of the Greene Contemporary gallery to show you some paintings of Nicole Mauser.

We'll do our best to provide interesting information (more than your average curatorial website) about all these artists, and our website is really constantly changing; we've got quite an impetuous web designer, so there's always new stuff to find, but especially check out those contributors. You'll find that being published in The Benefactor places you in good company.

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