Betraying the Trust of a Model and committing a Crime to get a picture? How do the bd members Feel?

As a fellow artist I wonder what the fine members of this board feels when another artists betrays the
trust of a friend and a model, the artist asked to use me as a subject for poses so they could see
what poses they would prefer in preparation of models coming in professionally.
I was asked to be put in these poses by one of the members of this board.
I knew her/he for quite some time. This person also knew I did not like my pictures being taken for my own
personal reasons.
This person asked me many times offering to take professional pictures of me and I kindly
refused because of these personal reasons.
When this person asked me to pose there weren’t any cameras facing me or on me or that were
supposed to be in use. We were alone just us two and not in a public place.
I asked "there aren’t any cameras I cant see that are taking photos" and the person said "No."
A year later after our casual meetings ended I am beginning to see those exact poses of myself
appearing on a bulletin bd I joined some time ago.
I recently had to embarrass myself in front of a friend I could trust and ask if they could take pictures
of me in those exact poses with my own camera. I needed to compare the pictures, even though
I already knew the pictures I were viewing were me. The artist in question cut my head out but
there are enough of my features to see it is me, and when compared with the pictures I took
and the fact they are rare poses and I never posed before for anyone other than the artist, it leaves
little doubt. I then called this person and they said they never put me in those poses.
I cannot believe the person could lie straight to my face besides.
Please tell me, if any of you know what I should do.
I do know I can make a police report but I think this person also should be known in the art world for what
they let happen to me. Obvious there was a hidden camera.
The poses were distinct, they were different poses exotic using different implements.
They are not just common pictures where any one could be in that photo, I assure you all, they are me.
I am an artist my self, and an artist is the soul of all of humankind.
We represent the world’s pain, its struggles, the beauty of life and the hope for a better world someday.
We are supposed to be honest, forthright and usually it is we who suffer from the world’s cruelty.
I did not think a well known artist like this person would be part of deceiving and wrong doing
that we honest artists try to avoid.
Does anyone know art organizations I can make my claim heard for when I am ready to disclose this.
This person should not be respected like she/ he is, if they are going to lie and deceit and get
photos of someone even though they knew that person did not want photos taken of them at all.
Thank you, and I am sorry to bring disaccord to your beautiful place here.
Sincerely, a fellow artist who is crying.

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Comment by Vincent Fink on October 24, 2008 at 8:58pm
defame em!


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