5 Ways A Custom Picture Frame Can Accentuate Your Art

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – but to catch their eyes, you need to present your art like a masterpiece that instantly demands attention. Picture framing in Brooklyn is a great way of giving your art an entirely new dimension and feel and enhance its overall appeal and grandeur. Photo framing a custom picture can increase its value and allure and add to the design element, thus making your art work look all the more imaginative and original.

Here’s how a customized frame can revamp your art and why you should go for picture framing in Brooklyn and grasp the attention of onlookers with a unique punch:

  • Photo Framing Sets the Focus on Your Picture 

That’s true. With the right frame you can enhance the center of focus of your artwork and make it instantly striking to the eye. Custom wooden or dark paneled frames can even enliven the aspect and focus on the art and make it stand out from where it’s hanging on the wall. 

  • Custom Picture Frames Can Uplift the Ambience of Your Home 

Customized frames, structured or textured frames and even carved wooden frames add to the contemporary finish of the painting or picture and make it all the more fitting and harmonized to the décor of your home.

  • Picture Framing in Brooklyn Can Give a Sturdy Look to Your Art 

Often times paintings may have unfinished edges with drips of paint showing and nails or staples sticking out which looks quite unappealing in your home. Custom picture frames help you get rid of all the problems and make only the visual quality of the art work stand out without any other intrusions. 

  • Photo Framing Balances Your Art Well 

Paintings without frames are often hung via thread or just propped directly against a wall, which may misbalance your art or make it more vulnerable to falling or damage. With a customized frame, you can decide how your picture is placed on the wall in a secure and protected way and add to its overall quality and allure.

  • Photo Framing Increases the Value of Art

Last not the least, framed art instinctively looks more grand, posh and pricey and thus is more likely to sell at a higher price as compared to an unframed painting. With the right frame, you can add to the appeal and look of the art and this addition to its design element positively raises its presentation value as well.

Selecting the right frame shop in Brooklyn for framing your custom picture is an integral part of the entire process. A reliable, experienced and professional frame shop in Brooklyn will guide you what type, design and make of photo framing you should choose for the best results and how custom framing can be utilized to accentuate and preserve paintings or custom pictures that are near and dear to your heart.

Get in touch with Frame Art NYC today if you are looking for unique, versatile and top quality custom picture frames for your art work, valuable paintings and family pictures. 

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