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If it feels better, recruitment worldwide, is broken. However, focusing on that won't help you.

If in the U.S., would you trade places with someone stuck in Afghanistan, Syria or North Korea?

If not, then what will help you, is making creative persistence your friend, learning from others (mistakes and all), drastically improving your social and networking skills, taking creative stock of your current location (hence the perspective above), elevating your mindset to escape your specific circumstances by quickly ditching toxic self-defeating habits, adopting the right attitude and/or work ethic, and getting a mentor, — or ideally, a career sponsor.

If you're serious about results, and want to be that apex strategic hire (click/tap above), start by ditching any attachment to rejection letters. They are completely worthless. Don't open them. And if by mistake you do, don't read or dwell on them. Simply delete them, and focus all your energy on the acquisition and development of new skills in high demand.

This is the memo xenophobic vandals wrongly convinced foreigners are stealing their jobs missed.

Below are non-negotiable tips for overcoming self-defeating JSRB (“job search rejection blues”).Attack & Conquer Any Personal Substance Abuse Issues, Or Accept The Consequences

These are the thieves of discipline and positive vision realization and decision-making effectiveness.

You may not be in, or from South Africa, Africa generally, or the favelas in Brazil. But whether it is West Virginia (the epicenter or the opioid crisis), or elsewhere, wherever drugs and crime is allowed to fester, the people deteriorate, along with their biggest dreams as they resort to substance abuse, violence, crime, and blaming others for their failures.

Any mind-altering or recreational substances that induce physical, mental, or cognitive sluggishness is a no go if you want to do better. Caffeine, junk food or senseless overeating, included. Research data on SUD (Substance Use Disorders) and its impact on communities and entire nations, abound. British national productivity for example is a common study.

If like me, you've probably noticed over the last decade or so, an uptick in the number of people in corporate offices and on social networks whose 9 AM or business day email replies and other responses demonstrate a lack of understanding of what's on their screens.

But scratch the surface, and you find, in many cases, that they're on something. And not surprisingly, drug tests are currently being used to target foreigners in China. Not just English teachers.

From soft to hard drugs, alcohol, prescription or not, vaping, smoking marijuana — cannabis, ganja, weed, pot (click/tap above), whatever you call them — next-level performers simply don't have time for them. The latter maintain peak performance because they are alert, fit, focused on what matters, and therefore are able to both react optimally, as well as seize time-sensitive opportunities.

I've been 100% drug, smoke, alcohol or antidepressant free all my life. And pound for pound, people like us outperform anybody in the room, ring, or arena who is stoned or hungover in any way, shape, or form, — obese, over-caffeinated or not, because your output has to be so high that it stands the best chance of canceling out whatever odds are stacked against you.

More on that further below, including Grant Cardone's in-depth perspective on success, drugs, etc. at the bottom of this article. But if serious about escaping your job search rut or blues, remember:Today, I tell people their goal should be high employability, — as strategic hires (see hyperlinked feature image). But when, as a Drexel University undergrad without a PC working full-time and applying for jobs for the university library I clocked almost 300 CV/resumé releases/job applications in one sitting (between classes or within an hour), my goal was simply, to: Create so many options that failure didn't matter.

And in America at least, it worked. Because there was always at least 2 or three voicemails waiting for me when I returned to my apartment. And guess what, the numbers and offers kept rising as I doubled down, got better, and became more attractive as a candidate.

Meanwhile, distracted by mobile phone, social media and tech addiction today on the one hand, and the need to cater to other substance abuse priorities on the other, there are people applying an average of 4 to 6 jobs per week, or those who gave up on job searching entirely, eons ago — often quick to offer tired and worn excuses — who aren't even thinking or performing at that level.

Ginger or ginseng is healthier, if alertness is a problem. And I'm known to start and end my day with ginger chewing, for health reasons. But understand that the best-performing athletes — the one always testing negative for PEDs — keep their bodies free of substance abuse. Because anytime you're competing with high performers in any situation with a high penalty for cheating or lack of preparedness, you ARE the substance abuser, you're automatically the loser. And you are because your cognitive and other mental faculties are severely comprised and constantly deteriorating, while others' are in peak condition. Always improving.Snowflakery is NOT An Option

Behind the hyperlinked image quote directly above is an in-depth series on mental health, mental strength, and resources for effectively defeating anxiety, stress, depression, suicidal thought and more.

Study it.

Make it your companion like others have, if you suffer from any of the above, because job search can drag on from the statistical 6 month limit to several years, or even decades, depending on one's location or jurisdictional realities or obstacles.

Therefore, peak mental toughness is needed.However High The Failure Rate, Don't Become a Loser


Click or tap above when ready, and study the content meticulously.

For years, I took it for granted that I could get offers via email and phone calls — which I still do — and unlike most other candidates who had/have to do 'thank you' notes or wait to hear back, I could simply get on-the-spot job offers during, or at the end of interviews, or simply apply, and land a job.

But that was in the United States.

Then I lived abroad, fresh off the frying pan from enviable jobs with some of the world's most valuable companies, and nobody cared. Even worse, I saw a different side to U.S. recruitment when unlike Mainland Chinese and many Middle Eastern job offers, I realized how stingy and myopic most U.S. companies are with remote hires, relocation assistance, etc., as over 99% of initial job offers often fizzled.

Whatever your specific circumstances, the above hyperlinked resource, combined with the previous two, will guide you to sufficiently arm yourself with the right career and personal development tools to ensure that job search rejections or related failures don't mold you into a loser. Don't squander it.Consummate Professionals Don't Have JSRB Because They're Always Working

Most people have job search rejection blues (JSRB) because they don't know how to be in a constant state of development and value creation.

Look at the violence and horrid xenophobic attacks in South Africa, particularly against Nigerians.

Nigerians are universally known to be among the most entrepreneurial of all Africans, creating work and/or value — much like the Chinese — out of nothing almost wherever they find themselves.

Yet the latest wave of violent xenophobic attacks is a tragic reminder of what happens when people who are financially illiterate by choice, are confronted with employment market realities. Namely, that their current skill set may not be good enough for a particular market, right now. And no matter how many times I failed to secure a job, if someone showed up and started outperforming me in my own country, my reflex would be: I WANT to learn from this/these foreigners, not attack them.

This is a trait of consummate professionals (click/tap image above). However, it takes the skills here to be THAT sophisticated and cultured.

You cannot be a good employee, let alone a resilient one, if you have so much time on your hands that you can afford to take arms against others, foreigners or not, outperforming you. But sadly, that's what's happening in South Africa, where machete-wielding mobs including women, and ignorant adults are looting, vandalizing, killing, maiming and targeting fellow Africans.

The latter makes one a sore loser. Not just a loser.

Indeed, revisiting the first three solutions above, South Africa's high crime, rape and gender abuse rate, adds sufficient context. Because in acting tough and being criminal, these South African vandals are proving they haven't mastered how to productively deal with whatever job search rejections they've individually encountered.

Speaking of which, everything else nobody taught me about job searches, dealing with, or avoiding rejection; mentors and career sponsors (mentioned earlier), as well as the cautionary tail of a top Africa student/graduate is next.

What Most Black People Don't Get About College & Career Success

This last bit includes the 10 Keys To Protecting Your Dreams, Against All Odds.

Together, when properly studied and implemented together with the others above, like me, you'll never be fazed by job hunt failure and rejection issues, knowing that no matter what excuses or reasons cited such as “specific skills” its their loss for not knowing how to hire strategically based on aptitude, as opposed to specific skills match.

Be super careful about the latter mindset though. It takes great self-awareness and self-improvement IQ and EQ to know when your skill set is really not that valuable to the marketplace. For help with that, follow the white dove below.

I'm always happy to help. Finish or proceed  below. Or you may follow or engage me here.

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