Plus The Panama Leaks & Secret Of The 1%

The hardest thing about the grind? When everything you put great work into, appears to fall

through. When no matter how many billion contacts you've made, everybody appears to be

ignoring you. When your family, and your best friends are visibly losing respect or patience

for you. When, in other words, you're broke. So, there's that entrepreneur/bootstrapper

broke. A series of frustrating, overwhelming and even embarrassing obstacles on every

purpose-driven hardworking person's road to bigger and better things. To the success

most of us covet. The one that liberates, and separates the 1% from the hassles the

99% have to live with.  Another kind of broke all too often embraced by the 99%,

meanwhile, is well articulated above, by ORIGINAL Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan

Belfort, above. But I wanted to draw a distinction because on the one hand,

being broke is as simple as not having money, whatever the context. And

yet nuance — which Belfort's values once lacked — is wisdom. Without

that, oversimplification, or broad, misleading generalizations tell you

certainty, clarity, conviction, courage, ambition & passion to name

a few empowered emotional states, most which I've addressed,

are enough to avoid destitution. A line of reasoning equally as

preposterous as a devout Christian/Muslim wasting time on

unproductive TV/media and trusting God will make them

rich. Or the following recently debunked quote, which

Belfort, while rightly dismissing The Secret, appears

to buy into. Namely, “Focus only what you want to

have happen. Not on what you don't want...You

will get either, depending on which you think

about about.” As I mentioned on Twitter to

round applause figuratively speaking, the

rape, terror, drive-by, mass shooting or

police brutality victim, doesn't wake

up preoccupied and obsessed with

their fatal ending. Catastrophe—

Life—happens. Even to people

doing everything mentioned.

Hence my 11th reason: We

do better with equitable

governance & network

than without. This is

the 1 thing  the 1%

forgets about the

hardworking or

talented 99%.


and gov'ts



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