Yesterday, while I painted. For the first time, I radically perceived the influence and interaction of the colors, music, the films in my wonder, my diving in the painting. One hour arrived that I saw that, each color was the
result of an emotion caused for a film or a sonorous track. For more obvious
than it seems, that art is feeling, and a cause to another one; for me the
things had been different. I most of the time painted abstract of a color alone
or two or in maximum 3 (blue, black and red) Suddenly I saw that, either back
in that he has left of my unconscious one was being " tocada" , I
stopped and vi that the detail that I was making in the picture, would go to
move depending on the film or music When I saw the picture I was moving of vibration
and running away from MY main IDEA of the picture, thing that never I made so
faithful. Example: If it was film 1 would be orange, if it was film 2 would be
red, if he was the 3 would be black. I had to stop to think about the feeling
that the picture if would transform. Film 1 says of transformation and freedom
and the other films are more mysterious and with suspense. Clearly that the
picture was with a shady detail (I I will have to alleviate lol ) But I saw
this feeling alone. " I cannot make this detail of this color, is not “clicking”
".The point is freedom and not a shady mystery, needs to be yellow or orange".
I never passed therefore before. It is not a good or bad question of. It is
question of the color of emotion certain to be transmitted since it is a
picture with a subject.

For the first time I’ve noticed how much influence the music and colors
mix together interacting in a very unique way within me. I always create listening
music and watching some movie, or choose one music or movies.
I was painting and i was about to draw something, then i stopped and noticed
that the drawing would be different depending of the movie i was going to
Each movie, music inspires a color. I needed to choose which
"movie+music" i was going to paint. I've noticed that, when i changed
the movie i was watching, the painting began to change (of course, was a
totally different feeling)
As an Abstract painting that is crucial and before I didn’t mind the point is
freedom. BUT FOR THE FIRST TIME, i did an abstract painting with a feeling that
“could not be changed, this way won't miss the point of it.

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