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Paint Me a Fairytale Town (Satis Shroff, Freiburg im Breisgau)

A damsel with a mobile, Staufen (c) satisshroff

Schwarzwaldmädel meets girl from Middle Ages, Staufen (c) satisshroff

European Ethnology: PAINT ME A FAIRY TALE TOWN (Satis Shroff)

As tradition demands in the Swiss Alps, the cattle were decorated with pine-branches, big bells on their necks, silk roses and, of course, small Swiss… Continue

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Zeitgeistlyrik: THE GURKHAS ARE WITH YOU (Satis Shroff)

Zeitgeistlyrik: The Gurkhas Are With You (Satis Shroff)

Ayo Gurkhali!

The Gurkhas are upon you!

This was the battle-cry

That filled the British heart,

With pride and admiration,

And put the foe in fear.

Now the Gurkhas are not upon you.

They are with you,

Among you,

In London,

Guarding the Queen at the Palace,

Doing security checks

For VIPs

And for Claudia Schiffer,

The Sultan of… Continue

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Johnny Gurkhas and British Tommies (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)

Prince William has received his coveted curved knife, the Khukri, after a four-day stint with the Gurkhas. According to a close source Prince William is seriously thinking of joining the Gurkhas. This comes at a time when the Gurkhas are battling for their pensions, human rights and dual passports. For even though generations of Nepalese soldiers called the fearsome Gurkhas, have fought Britain's colonial and… Continue

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