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Penetrating The God of Walls


Lasting for an instant, today and tomorrow.

Oshun’s warm waters flowed over the steep tower’s edge.


Empty corridors swelled,

as amber ripples swam.

Adorned and rich.


Palpitating against its gates

Primroses ignited.

His thirst quenched.


Eroding its structure,

dissolving its defenses,

Oshooon….went her waves,

seeping trough hidden chambers,

where casted dreams and fears…


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Violation Came

The self-indulgent voice shot through me like a long arrow
Forcefully entering my mind piercing my will

Its stiff feathers scathing my heart as it brushed against my spine
causing it to burn

Running along my underbelly to my pit
Hoggish and virile

Drumming and pulling at my cords
Only to release and shoot back up with a cry

My mind left stiff and confused


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The Guilt I Feel

The guilt weighed heavy on me

One of desire, the craving of love,

and the need for normal.

It pulsated hard through my veins and bled to my lips.

Now swelled and stained from each pull and tug.

Now aware.

How do you explain the guilt that you feel?

Detach, disconnected

not related to me.

The disrobing of my dress, and revealed face

how do you explain the guilt that you know?


Opened wide, ready to give and now…


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My Body Betrayed Me


 My body betrayed me;

Of course not before my mind gave way to sentimentality.

Independent thinker it is, although I never knew she was.

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Falling deep, falling hard

I’m losing all sense of me

This adult version of she


College educated, career oriented

I’m losing the jaded most part of me


This teen is falling deep and falling hard

Becoming the younger version of me


Filled with insecurities and exposed virginity

I’m losing sight of me


Naïve in the language of surface truths

Unrevealed and uncertainties she wades the…


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Put a Fire in My Belly

Craving violence

No more complacent me

Understanding and peaceful talks has made this me


Put a fire in my belly

Fill it with the instability and unpredictability of it all


Like the feeling when first strapped to the chair

Heart racing with the clink, clang of the worn track

Gripping the bar as you anticipate the decent 



Down the windy slope, stopping…


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One minute before midnight,

In that one minute before the clock struck 12, you were there,

Your name rang through me

Without a doubt somewhere drunk watching the clock ticking down,

Wanting the year to end as much as I did

Wanting to be that much closer to your dreams, or the dream you tell yourself

Wanting to forget, forget your failures, and forget the…


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PG Scares

Her nipples hardened as the fan took its turn to blow in her direction. Sweat glistened in the dim light, always so milky and cool even in the hottest of nights. The whirl of our neighbor’s air conditioner reminded me that this time we might have been too loud. ‘Damn windows, would replace them if it weren’t a rental.’

Clit still humming, I role over closer now, trying not to lose her smell. I listen to her breath as I wait for the soft blow of the fan.

Always so sleepy…

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