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I was on a Paris train... I emerged in London rain

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wicked game

I feel like at any moment my body will fall off of my soul.
And that I will stand there as a blue glow.
I feel like I am drowning with effervescent bubbles swooshing
into my nose and silent screams echo from my throat.
I lift off the floor, out of control.
I can’t hold on, I can’t, I just can’t.
I want to hide. I want to explode.

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i forgot to mention that...

I had a dream in which "Chocolate" Armenteros was playing "Summertime" while I layed on green grass that was freshly cut looking at incredibly blue sky...

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I'm still alive

So, this is just a quick one for my peeps to let <guido accent>"all yous guys"</guido accent> that everything went great. Thank you for all of your support and emails of encouragement. I am working on having all the art and pictures of the reception up on my website.

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New Collage Works

Take a look if you like: http://homepage.mac.com/mistahcoughdrop/PhotoAlbum35.html

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Obstacles to making art.

Obstacles to making Art

Do not join any more volunteer groups or meet ups.

Don't join any art group that says "You only have to......" because you know it is a lie!

Don't own three dogs.

Don't grow a huge garden.







Stop lying to yourself.

Stop trying to save the world

Stay out of politics


Do stay focused on your creative… Continue

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Crossing the Sky to the Future (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)

Dolder & Piatti at Eschbach (Germany)



Added by Satis Shroff on October 7, 2007 at 5:29pm — No Comments

be an artist... own your talent... get paid for it

you deserve to get paid for your work. remember that. and every time you work for free you knock down the value of another artist's work.

Added by maria guido on October 6, 2007 at 1:32am — No Comments

We Climb the Wired Fences

Walk you through the park and were fine You say you like the dark and your hand in mine We climb the wired fences, pretending to hide You say that you can sense theres something outside I must be ill Keep thinking we pretend And how long before this has to end? On self medication ambition fails At best its simulation Or can you set me free? • The Radio Dept.

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angelitos en mi puerta...

I have since recovered from the plethora of mishaps with the frames... and I don't want to talk about it.

Currently I am taking a break from the goings on... and want to say, for all the trip-ups that may have happened and probably will happen, I am also very blessed. All of the people that I love and adore have carried me to the finish line... they are my miracle and angels. Thank you.

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the revolution is now

the most informative 2 hrs you'll ever spend... WATCH IT!

Added by maria guido on October 4, 2007 at 12:57pm — No Comments

Don't worry be happy

Yeah, things are GREAT if by great you mean the framer screwed up 5 frames out of nine...

2 were framed upside down
2 need their mat
1 has a some sort of STAIN on the ARCHIVAL print...

Let's say that I am a trifle disgruntled.

I think I may die, but I promise to take someone with me.

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POP POP POP everything is just fine...

Just about to pop out to the framers. I have a sick feeling in my stomach. I am scared. Talked to John on the phone to confirm that indeed the pictures were ready. He said of course! and laughed... I told him to please stop and he said I worry too much– that everything will be fine.

I will be fine on monday.

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Hi....Is anyone here planning on doing any documentary photography projects, or have done some before?Jo


Is anyone here planning on doing any documentary photography projects, or have done some before?


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Poor Laika

Just Jack's video kept making me think about this video...

The beat and base on this it sublime...

I suggest listening this with some kick ass headphones blaring and staring into the star night… Continue

Added by allicette on October 2, 2007 at 8:03pm — No Comments

Internal Achilles

As artists it is so easy to be critical of others - but what about ourselves. Living, acknowledging and then painting the contradiction... what a project.

Ah.The many dimensions of the self.

The evolution of ideas and the conflicts this presents.


Added by Alexandra Woods on October 1, 2007 at 5:10pm — No Comments

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