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radical art in america

Shaken awake by the harsh and piercing light of reality, artists are breaking through the aesthetic fog to reanimate figurative painting, indispensible in a new radical painting movement, a back to the roots movement in reaction to the over-technisation and remoteness of the art world. This art movement will come from the people, not from some prim gallery, but from people painting for people, trying to understand and interpret what we are experiencing as Americans at this moment in… Continue

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Art Show Save the Date

Coming up on 11/22 at FotoGallery in Huntington, NY

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Junkies cranckeads dirty whores

Turnin tricks on every corner

Stick that needle in your vain

one more time one more hit

one more line

You know your brain needs that candy

To make you feel alive

Your miserable you hate your life

And what its become

But you cant help yourself

That monkeys on your back and he wont let go

So you go see your pusher

With the money you scrounged

To get your fix

So everything is… Continue

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Tasty Tees dreXeL Tshirt Launch Party!

It's this Thursday night, and you're ALL invited!!! If you're in the NYC area, stop by and say hi! Here's the invitation (and I made it clickable in case you wanted to order a tshirt or 10. They're only available online until the 30th of this month. So only 2 more days.) Aight...I'll shut up now. Here's your invite:

XO, dreXeL

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School 33 Call for Entries, Baltimore




January 8 – February 7, 2009

About the Exhibition

School 33 is now accepting applications from artists for a juried two-person group exhibition opening January 8 – February 7, 2009. This year’s juror is Andrea Pollan, Director of Curator’s Office in Washington DC. The call for entry is open to artists working in any medium and is intended to present new work by emerging and… Continue

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Brooklyn Artist in the house

Local artist here. For anyone interested seeing more of my work please visit:

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Paint Me a Fairytale Town (Satis Shroff, Freiburg im Breisgau)

A damsel with a mobile, Staufen (c) satisshroff

Schwarzwaldmädel meets girl from Middle Ages, Staufen (c) satisshroff

European Ethnology: PAINT ME A FAIRY TALE TOWN (Satis Shroff)

As tradition demands in the Swiss Alps, the cattle were decorated with pine-branches, big bells on their necks, silk roses and, of course, small Swiss… Continue

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i left a trail...

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la dolce vita

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my new tshirts! *squeals*

Tasty Tees has just posted my very first limited edition print "Smack is a Vampire" tee for sale. There are 3 styles. It's available for order for two weeks. Each shirt will have its own print number, a quote from me and my dreXeL logo, as well as the artwork of course. On the last day of September orders will close forever. So if you want one, go on over to Tasty Tees and get you one (or 10) like...nowish. And… Continue

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Sacha and Circulism

Most Artists would use paint brushes or a palette knife to paint but the New York Artist, SACHA, would use toothpicks.

Since 2003, SACHA has found away to mix the colors by making circles, scratching the surface of the canvas and bringing out the whiteness of the canvas with a simple toothpick. These circles of movement are brought out in a new technique which SACHA calls CIRCULISM. Up-close you can see and feel the texture of the tiny and large circles. You can also see how SACHA, with…

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Seattle Painters

I'm putting in a huge order for Montana (Hardcore only) Spray paint soon, your cost will be $5.

50 per can and that includes Washington State tax and all that jazz, if you want to order contact me direct with your email and I can send you a color chart,

We're only taking Paypal right now. There is a 6 can minimum on orders and you can mix and match colors. We will be selling Montana Paint on a regular basis so pass the word on.

We're still searching for a retail space so if… Continue

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0H10M1ke LIVEDRAW w/ Comandante Zero @ Arts Under The Bridge Festival -Sept 27th

0H10M1ke LIVEDRAW w/ Comandante Zero @ Arts Under The Bridge Festival -Sept 27th.

Deli Magazine Party in DUMBO. Projected realtime digital illustration conducted to music. Saturday @ 11PM, 66 Water Street. Be there, squares!

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So a friend of mine is on here and told me I should join as well. I am not one to share a lot of my stuff or keep blogs. I decided I should give it a try, I mean, everyone else is doing it. Hahaha

I am a painter- photographer. I never really studied anything involving art, although most of the stuff I do is art related. I enjoy exploring art with a carefree, pressure free, and criticism free sense. I make most of my stuff at home in my living room. I hope to connect with new artists and… Continue

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i am an island

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Zeitgeistlyrik: THE GURKHAS ARE WITH YOU (Satis Shroff)

Zeitgeistlyrik: The Gurkhas Are With You (Satis Shroff)

Ayo Gurkhali!

The Gurkhas are upon you!

This was the battle-cry

That filled the British heart,

With pride and admiration,

And put the foe in fear.

Now the Gurkhas are not upon you.

They are with you,

Among you,

In London,

Guarding the Queen at the Palace,

Doing security checks

For VIPs

And for Claudia Schiffer,

The Sultan of… Continue

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too many people too much clutter

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Open Art Studio

Beg. Sep 9, Tuesdays, weekly, 2:00 - 5:00 pm, open, Routa Segal.

Beg. Sep 10, Wednesdays, 11: 00 am - 2:00 pm, open, Greg Kessler.

Work on a project of your choice with the help and guidance of one of our instructors on site. Explore new ways of expressing yourself through painting, drawing and collage in our beautiful, sunny studio.

You are welcome to bring an artwork in progress or start a new project. This is a great chance to keep creative, meet other… Continue

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