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Okay, I know it's been awhile again. Just drop it, i don't care. I enrolled in classes so I've been pretty busy. Got a new job out of it too, so my plates kinda full right now. I'm still doodling like crazy but any serious work is on hiatus. I've been dabbling a bit more lately, though, so maybe I'll have some new stuff up soon. Note To Self- Webcomic hilarity

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Artwork up at Ellis Bar in Brooklyn - 5th Ave-Bet 17th & 18th Street

Hello all,

just thought I'd let you know that a new bar has opened in my neighborhood and I was able to meet with the owners who are very into showing local artist's works. I currently have 4 paintings up in the bar and they will be there for approximately 2 more weeks.

If you are interested, reply to member Ellis on BAP and they will get back to you.

Also, if you have a chance, you should stop by for a drink and an appetizer...the atmosphere is awesome, the… Continue

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Slow Collision by The Deer Tracks

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My design was picked up by

Andrew Sullivan at ... Take a look or see it here:

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Preserve a natureza ela é linda

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Acrilica sobre Tela 100x80cm Série Pintura & Desilustração - Sem Título

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Blood, you defile me

Grey yoked mind, refused release.

Skirmishes you and I. Cupped claws slice in.

The ever jester, campanile's jingle,

I do the familal dance, bowed, cheek to ground, arms outstretched.

Suckled of light until i am an implosion of dust.

Bound cosmic umbilical cord, unable to chew myself free.

I, perennial whore, open legs.

Blood, you defile me, again and… Continue

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sticker swap

tonight there's a sticker swap in a cafe in quezon city. i got so excited, because this is the first time i'm joining so i reprinted my kashionista design and here's some of the set i… Continue

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Faith [x-posted from]

this is the piece that i mentioned my finally being able to focus on something tangible. i'm not sure how it fell together, as my head was overflowing with all sorts of things i wanted [want] to do, but it came out pretty near to what i had in mind. there were a few inspirations along the way, and i gladly incorporated them in. i didn't realize how much this would take out of me. i want to start another, but sheesh, i'm sorta back at square one [unfocused].

for an idea of size, the… Continue

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La Ultima Fiesta [x-posted from]

[as listed on etsy]:

Ultima Fiesta - shadowbox Ultima Fiesta - shadowbox

the print used for this piece has a very… Continue

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He Not Busy Living Is Busy Dying [x-posted from]

i love that quote. i loved it so much, i used it for this piece.

i was frustrated going through my stuff trying to find just the right words in just the right font. when i was beyond frustrated, i popped open photoshop and did this my damned self.

this shrine was something that first started out as a paper box. when i was beating myself up with "what now", i put it aside and did other things. eventually i came back to it, worked on it until an general idea began to form,… Continue

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in progress : Icarus [x-posted from]


i ordered this little man recently and was so happy when he arrived, i jumped right into a new piece [granted, i've got several in the works, but what's one more]. i started by taking out his organs [setting aside the heart so i could create a mold to cast duplicates from ... then promptly put aside the liver, spleen, intestines, etc, probably to never use. ever.]

i… Continue

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when we last left our hero [x-posted from]

i had just laid the foundation for the "bones" of the sculpture. the following day i bulked up the matches, adding texture, and securing all match ends underneath a victorian looking miniature picture frame. oh joy, how i loved the way it turned out!!…



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my life is anything but routine

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Hi Dima , how are you we are Daniel and Irina your parents neighbours from kharkov from tabolskaya 52, we were looking for your father, we are leaving now in toronto, if you can give him our phone number we would love to finally talk to him its 905 747 0712

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Win a Trip to NYC In a Video Contest Exploring Technology + Fashion

With an increasing number of gadgets to carry around a limited number of pockets, design gurus are in a quandary. They're looking for your ideas about where you see today’s fashion & technology influences coming from to help figure it all out. You can submit your thoughts via video or email to Z Spot Now, the group putting the contest together. The best entry wins a trip to NYC… Continue

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A glimpse into the soul of the Internet from Brooklyn-based artist Jonathan Harris


"Brooklyn-based artist and computer scientist Jonathan Harris makes online art that captures the world's expression -- and gives us a glimpse of the soul of the Internet. Jonathan's work celebrates the world's diversity even as it illustrates the universal concerns of its occupants. His computer programs scour the Internet for unfiltered content, which his beautiful interfaces then organize to create coherence from the chaos."

That… Continue

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The connective HUB


We appologise for the network podcasting failure of this event, we did however manage to grab some footage, here's a track from the Radfax

Bands featured



Wezman Funk

(2 bands yet to be added to listing)

The evenings DJ will be KCC… Continue

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