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The Burns are fading

My nose looks like someone took a blow torch to it and the back of my neck is looks basically like a burn that occurred when a chip pan was thrown at me. I won’t ever sit near a burning ball of fire called the sun ever again.

The good news is I love LA and have met loads of awesome people, even the couple who had a big screaming domestic fight on our street (how dare they- we are posh) – but anyway this man and woman had a bust up.

How, I don’t really know as she owned a car and… Continue

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phati’tude Literary Magazine Celebrates Relaunch at the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC

The Bowery Poetry Club

Friday, July 9, 2010 @ 7:30PM


Tara Betts, Timothy Liu, Eileen Myles, Angelo Nikolopoulos…


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l'artiste samuse !!!

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Wish You Were Here 9



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why do i draw

In the past months, I have been principally engaged with drawing techniques. These have proven, above all other past methods, to be the

most coherent (due to its “simplicity”) in my desire to represent human

mental processes and the cognitive impact of pharmaceutical drugs. To

be more precise, what has called my attention for the past years, and

what I am seeking to delve into in the future, is the field of

neuroscience as it…

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Open call for LGBTH Artists and Researchers

This exhibition presents sexual diversity as something universal to all cultures, it has been created for young people between

the ages of 12 and 20, so they can understand that there is a wide range

of options for their sexual life both now and trough their lives. It

contains an appreciation… Continue

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10th march 2010

Yesterday, while I painted. For the first time, I radically perceived the influence and interaction of the colors, music, the films in my wonder, my diving in the painting. One hour arrived that I saw that, each color was the

result of an emotion caused for a film or a sonorous track. For more obvious

than it seems, that art is feeling, and a cause to another one; for me the

things had been…


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Participate in (t)here magazine's 1 Day of Art : Copenhagen, Denmark

Participate in (t)here magazine's 1 Day of Art : Copenhagen, Denmark

* Be featured in the internationally distributed and acclaimed art magazine: (t)here

* Host: 1 Day of ART


(t)here magazine's 1 Day of Art, invites Talenthouse artists to submit 3 pieces of artwork by August 12, 2010 to be considered for the prestigious 24 hour event that is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 1st and 2nd 2010.

Once all submissions are received and reviewed,… Continue

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The Door Of The Law (part 3)

("Ganjoji in Izushi" by 663highland)

"The Door Of The Law" is a suite in six parts inspired by "A Parable About A Parable" from RAWilson's "…


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Artist Rituals:: Sharing and discussing the rituals artist use when making art

I just joined a group about the rituals we all do before creating so ill post here

in my case:

Well,i have a few. one is painting while seein a movie or cartoons,always with a bottle of coke zero or Light Coke and cigarets.The other is in absolute silence. The other is with music and

cartoons on mute or only music,sometimes with only 1 lamp on…

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Ooops, I got burnt

My favourite thing in Los Angeles is to take a bus, for those of you who saw my show last year you will know what I am talking about. Me and the loonies get on just fine and dandy and the buses are chockfull of loonies.

On the 702 bus there was big fight between a wee man with a walking stick and a driver who wouldn’t ask young Japanese students to get off the disabled seats.

The lame man screamed at the driver “I hate communicating with strangers, you tell the fucking gooks to… Continue

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Commentary: German Waltz versus Argintinian Tango (Satis Shroff, Freiburg-Kappel)

Modern German youth today: chic, stylish, well-informed, well-travelled

Commentary: Waltz versus Tango (Satis Shroff,…


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GERMAN ABSTRACTS (Satis Shroff, Freiburg-Kappel)


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Geld, Gier, BP, Todeszone, Golf von Mexiko

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Day Three in LA and all is well

I have the most awesome room with a private loo…things are good. I went out for a walk on day two round the neighbourhood, here in Valley Village and basically there are no pavements or since am in the USA ‘sidewalks’ you are either treading on someone’s manicured lawn or walking on the road. The place is very white picket fence, I imagine there are wives in sticky out skirts making cookies and planning their own suicide in the midday heat. Apparently the ‘Valley’ is the porn making capital of… Continue

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Shalom Check it out



Your blessed Brethrens, and Sister-ens Take Courage God bless hear on earth as it is in heaven Miami-Dade County 305 Jesus is Lord 24/7 365 Brother "Radical" is rolling in early. Coming Soon: Radical Magazine-A Magazine for Teenagers & Radical 4 Jesus The Album... Donations:


P.O.Box 570326

Miami, FL 33257

Brother "Radical Now Has Oils: Jay Z, Paris Hilton…

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Mercado--------------------------have you seen ?

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L A’s fine the sun shines most the time

I have arrived…in Los Angeles. The flight was amazing, as I got upgraded to club class and lay down, slept, nibbled on lobster…had a reaction, took an anti histamine and slept more. Yes, rock and roll hives that’s my life. I know I can’t eat shell fish, but it was too good not to itch over is all I am saying.

On landing in LA you have to wait ominous queues to get through customs and every second woman was a wee Indian lady in ethnic dress with no command of English and the Americans… Continue

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Daily Keemo. 6.23. A Day Forgotten

A Day Forgotten

Click to view details

There was a story here a minute ago but after reading it, I selected it all and hit the delete key and am now left with nothing but these words.



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