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The Cage

This is a story I recently started...

Chapter 1

My name is Anais, but I am known as the black widow by most. I acquired this name because that is the title of the clothing line I design. Every morning I would walk out to my roof and stare at a large threatening structure in the distance. It was miles away and I could just barely see its outline. Most people knew it as the cage, coined by the media, but the government called it the Sub Human Socialization Center. It was a modern… Continue

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My friend, I so adore your eyes - Fyodor Tyutchev

My friend, I so adore your eyes,
Their fiery and wondrous gaze,
When, like a lightning from the skies,
They strike, light up and set ablaze
Whole world, when it in darkness lies.

But other charms I do admire:
Your eyes cast down, when abash'd,
You kiss me, trembling with desire,
And underneath half-raised eyelash
Dim glow of sullen lustful fire.

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"Will the passengers please fasten their seat belts," said a soft voice over the intercom. And I slid one end of the belt into the heavy metallic slot, sat back, and peered through the window of the Royal Nepal jet.

The runway was clear and there was an Airbus 310, three Russian-made helicopters and a Dornier-aircraft near the control tower of Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport. Some people waved from the tower. It was one of those early-morning mountain flights that are run… Continue

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The Lure of the Himalayas (Satis Shroff)

Since 1974 I have been living on and off in Nepal, writing articles and publishing books about Nepal, this beautiful Himalayan country. Even before I knew Satis Shroff personally (later) I was deeply impressed by his articles, which helped me very much to deepen my knowledge about Nepal. Satis Shroff is one of the very few Nepalese writers being able to compare ecology, development and modernisation in the ‘Third’ and ‘First’ World. He is doing this with great enthusiasm, competence and… Continue

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poor little monkey...

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be careful not to consume the things you love.

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Announcing La Moustache Participants

Announcing the participants of

LA MOUSTACHE: a traveling art show—with stops in NEW YORK, MONTREAL and TORONTO—all about moustaches which features drawing-based works-on-paper by artists of Canada, USA and UK.

Mucho mustachioed are:

Adam K Johns (Toronto, ON)

Alex D McLeod (Toronto, ON)

Allison Moore (Montreal, QC)

Andre Rodriquez Edwards (Toronto, ON)

Andree Leduc (Montreal, QC)

Andrew Sloan (Providence, RI)

Andrzej Tarasiuk (Toronto,… Continue

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If you feel so inclined I have a blog at...



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80's VHS

So the other day a bought a VHS from the director 'the flying dutch man' P. Verhoeven.

And I realized the difference of watching a VHS compare to a DVD. The sound that is kind

of contained and sharp and the image that gives you the disturbance that you need to 'track' away.

Also the film stock that I don't know too much about but my wife says is typical for the 80's. And it

gives the image a kind of corny blueish tone.

Well well Total recall is violent and… Continue

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Impressions From Italy (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)

It was a bright sunny morning when Claudia, Giacomo, Silvana I headed for Italy from Freiburg. The first Swiss town we went through was Basel, which is known for its university and chemical firms near the Swiss-German border.

The sky was a cobalt-blue as we sped through the Arisdorf tunnel. In Switzerland you have to go through a lot of tunnels. The Swiss have introduced a vignette system whereby every car has to have a sticker pasted on its windscreen at a cost of 30 Swiss francs… Continue

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the beat is the tool of satan

i have been listening to my new purchases and i am such a fool for a good beat (as in thumping and pulsing) ... or any beat for that matter. i have been known to groove and bop to the syncopated rhythm of the dryer. every so often my whoredom for the beat hits me and it makes me think of my maternal grandmother who is born again pentacostal (yes, this explains volumes for those of you keeping score at home). I wouldn't hear the end of how THAT "sound" was the sound of the "flesh" and of the… Continue

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June art show in Seattle

Velouria 2205 NW Market, Seattle WA
opening reception June 9th 6-9pm

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the sneaker

feeling weird and my scribble that came out on the train was this sneaker... i don't own any chucks... although i have been eyeing these cute ones with skulls on them...

i used this sneaker in a mashup on the my creative… Continue

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fashion question

looking for any info people might have on hot iron pressing.....:) trying to get my designs together 4 hoodies.

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Raped by the Virgin

so... walking to 14th st. from work down in the bowels of soho - enjoying the late spring/early summer days - I decided to pop in and look around at the virgin mega store. i figured that i was somewhat safe since the last two times i went there, i left with nada. the last fiasco being when i went to pick up the 2 the knife cd's i didn't have... they wanted approx. 30 dollars per cd. i scoffed and left fuming. it's like you are punished for liking music... they really make it hard for one to… Continue

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visit musicisart.

www.musicisart.ws ~ a personal reflection of music. words. art. love. ideas.

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Post it Note Blog Post

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my bloggity blog

yea i started a, ready, A BLOG! GASp! I started it just to get back into sketching and painting again, its a cool exercise to keep up the skills, check it out....


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--eskaping amerika-- speed demon

blinded by ego maniacal ambition

cannot see past me.

sleep deprived yet full of drive-

feeling so alive and hopelessly dead inside…


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Description of My Work

Signature: A handwritten signature of the subject (repeated and placed into patterns) and an audio recording of the subject saying his/her name, then edited on the computer and the printed on Dibond.

My work is inspired by Jacques Derrida’s writings on naming and the signature. Derrida describes the signature as being an event or honest moment that happens without any forethought. Following from this description, I began exploring the signature as subject matter. I started with… Continue

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