Ait Amnay Bouga Mustapha
  • 57, Male
  • Casablanca
  • Morocco
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Ait Amnay Bouga Mustapha's Page

Profile Information

First Name
Mustapha Ait Amnay
Last Name
Which of the following best describe you?
Professional Creative, Photographer
How often are you the first among your friends to try something new?
All the time
What do you want people to know most about you?
Fifty Words
zen, morocco, austria, england, usa, france, germany, sweden, spain, switzerland, facilitation, training, coaching, management, intercultural, multicultural, trade, consulting, translation, networking, banking, tourism, lobbying, advertising, comunication, seminars, international, fitness, golf, jetski, horses, cars, press, newsletter, msn, south africa, business, events, party, clubs, restaurants, travels, sales, marketing, strategy, nlp, outsourcing, passion, people, persondevelopment, fotography, positive, lecturer, database, brain, benelux, bni
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You tell me, i forget. You teach me, i remember. You involve me, i learn. Benjamin Franklin.

English-French-German On/Off-line & Phone Coaching. International VIPs Advisor, Trainer, Lecturer, Public Speaker and Facilitator. Multinational, Multilingual, Intercultural From Casablanca. Lived in 7 countries, Visited 65 and more to come... Networks Moderator. Oximorox, Online Business and Cultural Agenda Publisher. Member of BNI USA-President-Hélder Falcão-Churchill Club-Moroccan American Circle...And founder of several Companies and member of several Societies.I am a global citizen. I coach and facilitate via you are...we can get together...quickly...On! And on...And on.

Speak English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish and Arabic and i would love to learn all yours one day...

Limits of your language? Limits of your world! Ludwig Wittgenstein - Austrian-British Logician



Skype: eightamnay

Hello I am Mustapha Ait Amnay Bouga...I am 45 and i carry my name and the name of my Berber ancestors who were knights...

I am from the movie city Casablanca...And as Humphrey Bogart says to Ingrid Bergman in the movie..."I look at you in the eyes kid..."

By the way... Ricks Cafe still exists...A friend Kathy Krieger an ex US diplomat rebuilt it 7 years ago...A cool jazzy and very chic place!

Having lived 4 years in Richmond-South-West London I feel naturally connected with Ecademy, the United Kingdom and my great British friends...

Like Arnie Schwarzenegger i am Austrian too! Not yet Californian!!! Though i am a happy winner of a magic Green Card since July 2007...Definitely Relocating in 2012...

I connect people who add values and confirm values to each other and share values with each other! I enjoy coaching them...Personally...their undertakings and their enterprises. Integrating Zen, Management, Bio Energy and Fitness. In corpo sano... I love making friends all over the world and particularly where i have been...The more different...the more interresting...As Antoine de Saint Exupery says... If i differ from you, far from harming you, i enrich you...

I remember people, their areas of activity, their skills and attributes. "I do my homeworks"...Thomas Power...

I suggest to link you with people I have personally come to know. For, it's only when having met such individuals, understood them, their skills and their likelihood for doing business with you, that I will match you. Building trust...What i say...What i promiss...stands! Thats my main Challenge.

I propose to connect you with targeted, quality and valuable introductions that will help you grow your business.

My Services...

I would only introduce you to anyone that I would do business with myself.

Should you need a particular individual or a team around you here and now, I have the skills to source the people that will set you on the fast track to business growth.

Whether you are an ex corporate executive who is suddenly floundering without a team around, an entrepreneur requiring a skilled support structure, or a growing company in need of additional expertise, I can surround you with valuable persons and personalities...Vip's...Experts...Diplomats...Politicians...Decision makers...

I understand change...I believe in transformation...And I champion my clients...use difficulties as new chances...jump off the cliff...safely fly and land...and!

I practice prime certified coaching for more than 17 years and i smoothly integrate expatriates in new countries...I can so often identify myself with them.

Lecturing and training communication in various universities and public speaking in high schools and corporations...Banks... such as Akhawayn University...Casablanca American School...Salento University...International Women Leaders School... 80% of my clients are Ladies...Transportation and Logistics International School ...USAID...Middle East Partnership Network...Amideast...I can confidently connect you with young rising leaders and entrepreneurs and make you among the first to identify and benefit from them...

My resume will provide you with additional details.

If you've reached a standstill, lack momentum or lack the resource, I can then re-activate the process and introduce you to those business people who can most make a positive difference to your business dynamics. And bring you back to business."Together everything becomes possible"... Fr. President Nicholas Sarkozy.

You will never let things happen anymore...You will make them happen...For you and...for your entire environement.
Because...A wise man creates more opportunities than he finds! Sir Francis Bacon

I believe that networking is about giving and learning to receive...Giving is nothing else but learning to receive... after you know what to receive through testing the quality of what you give...If what you deliver is good and ethical... You'll receive it tenfolds back! Build Good Relationships! Profitable Transactions Will Follow! Philip Kottler

My mindset and my whole coaching is exactly about that. "Act as if it were impossible to fail". Dorothea Brand. Because the Power and the Energy is in you!...

My private life contains some more interesting elements as well...but we can chat about that on the next plane to the Kingdom of Morocco! Shall we?
...Twice a year...October...March...I create and share fabulous desert adventures for interresting travellers and friends. So safe and simple that 10 years old urban kids participate sometimes... because like Leonardo da Vinci who was a great renaissance gentleman, I believe that Simplicity is Supreme Sophistication!...

And if you ask me what time it is in Newport Beach-California when it is midnight in Casablanca...I will just answer...Like Rick...Play it again Sam!


It is people like Mustapha that make ecademy the place to Network. Succeeding though doing what requires to be done, rather than following some mythical corporate line. He tells me Rick's Place has reopened so I am going to hire a black piano player and invite al ecademy members to network off-line in Casablanca.
Ian Stirling
Hi to every visitor of Mustaphas site:
I like his way to communicate and his friendly and timely response.Through his words - even written - I feel some spirit which invites me to make me wanting to get to know him personally.
Best wishes 2 all of u !
Thorsten Kreher
Just reading Mustapha's profile here on Ecademy gives you a glimpse of the energy that he generates in everything he does. The way he set up his profile and what he writes in it is vibrant and charismatic.He is a master networker in the full sense of the term and is definitely an asset in anyone's network. But don't stop there, if you are fortunate enough to travel to any of the locations where you might find him, (US soon, England, France, Germany, Austria and of course Morocco) take the time to give him a call and meet in person. I can't think of a better reason to visit the legendary Casablanca other than to have a drink with him a the famous Rick's Cafe. I most certainly will look him up the first time I will set foot on the African Continent. I only hope that it will be sooner rather than later. Thank you for connecting with me here on Ecademy Mustapha and on L&B as well.
Christian-Adam Ribeiraud (USA)
Hello Everyone,

Mustapha is very prompt in responding in his email,kind and a great networker. He is the bridge between Africa and Europe via Mediterranean in this platform Meet this guy as he is a crucial link.
Symon Muchina Thuo
Mustaph is a valued friend.

If you're looking for someone who would genuinely make you feel good about your capabilities and talents, you'll find that in Mustapha. A great and really generous bloke who through his kind words, I will doubt his ability to harbour any malice for someone.
Abdul Raaj
Great enthusiasm, a lively guy...Get in touch with him today.Have fun
Rory Woolridge
"Mustapha has always been deilvering high quality work and achieved outstanding results. He is able to quickly understand customer requirements and turn them in busines propositions that create a win win situation. I've seen him in action and he is definetely able to boost sales using strategic business development capabilities and strong tactics to close deals. I highly reccomend him."
Youssef Elabassi, Network Manager-Societe Generale Marocaine de Banques
"I had the great opportunity to work and know Mustapha. He is first and foremost a gentleman which directly makes him make the difference, plus he's got the smooth way to transmit his message and knowledge to render you at the end of the day more aware about the network you are in without even feeling it.
Manuel Castells was right stating that "It's all about the network" and Mustapha is the human materialization of this quote. If you are looking for some valuable business to develop, he's the man you need!"- Service Category: Business Consultant-Year first hired: 2007 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Idrissi Kaitouni Soufiane-Operational Manager Morocco-S.S ISUFI e-Business Management Section-eBMS-University of Salento
Mustapha is a great person to interact with, and to share thoughts and opinions.
I ve had the occasion to discuss with him politics and history in a social gathering here in Casablanca, and he was standing for what he believes in, and this is something admirable.He 's always travelling around the world, and this must tell a great deal about his international network.
I really enjoyed reading what you wrote in your profile Mustapha, which is a journey by itself, from berber knights to this era of globalization... with reference to history, movies...I wish you the best in your endeavours and a lot of success!
Lalla Meriem ALAOUI
I recently connected with Mustapha online and he has sent me a very warm and welcoming message. He is a great networker.
I wish him every success in his plans for the future.
Annie O'Neill
Mustapha is a warm, enthousiastic and deep personality. His balanced choice of words to give expression to the universal thoughts that embody him, make you listen and carry you into new dimentions of life, business and friendship.He travels and networks as he thinks: without boundaries. An example of 'joie de vivre', combined with deadserious goalsetting and business. You are a joy to know and to work with.
Keep the spirit alive and give more than you have... you will recieve abundantly, more than you can master!
Marc Deseke
I read your profile throughly, it is such a fascinating adventure!! it is really stimulant. You are a person with who contacting and communicating is the most natural expression in this world. Warmness and friendliness are explicit just reading your profile.
Maria del Pilar Diez Calderon
Who is going to be next on this noble Berber's network? Whosoever will give Mustapha one member for each day of the year. Alas, I came along one too soon. It would seem also that Mustapha will single-handed build Ecademy in Morocco but then with such ancestors who are probably responsible for building Morocco, building up Ecademy will be child's play for him. So here is your 20th testimonial. Keep building................ Peter.
Peter Wharton
Mustapha is very enthusiastic and well motivated always willing to help you out if he can. He has a great range of contacts and has great range of knowledge on Networking which he shares willingly. He is a great guy to get to know.
David Duncan
A really helpful and knowledgeable person who is open to networking and connecting with others.
Mahmoona Shah
"Mustapha is an amazing networker. I could not find any places in Morocco where he was not introduced (and well introduced). If you need a good contact to meet anybody in Morocco, Mustapha is your man!! On top of that, he has high inter personal skills."
Olivier Mercuriot, General Manager, SITEL Morocco
I am really looking forward to meet Mustapha in person.
He seems to be a very open and positive networker . I am glad to be connected with him.
Elmar Jung
Mustapha is someone I would love to meet one of these days, and sounds like an interesting guy who loves contributing to others and helping people. an original thinker ! it's great to know of someone who is 'conversant' with so many countries and cultures - Mustapha, I'm going to keep in touch with you
Liz Watson
Mustapha is a very good-humored, enthusiastic, positive individual. And he seems willing to assist you…. I'm glad he's part of my network.
Al Gates
He walked into my house with a great smile and a warm handshake. After a short introduction, it was as if we knew each other for years. Mustapha has a good insight in how to build and maintain a good network. Using the time he has, a personal touch to his profile, it is a person not to forget.
Marc Deseke
Marc Deseke
I've had the pleasure to have met Mustapha in person.
He is a warm and kind guy who can tell/teach you very much with a few words.
I'm glad I can say he's my friend!
Wim Camelbeek
Just wanted to let you know how much I value our friendship here,
in hope of mutual benefit of our future network together ! Sorry for being absent for some time - but now I am back in Denmark for this new young Danish company´s worldwide launch - and back online full time, so;Remember that my inbox is always open, if I can assist you in any way !!!
Have a great week,
all the best
Tina Jonasen
Tina Jonasen
It's great to meet enthusiastic netwrokers like Mustapha - he is a prime example of what Ecademy is about!
Amos Beer
Mustapha is a very warm person who is always listening to people in order to assist them better.
Due to the fact of his skills he's an excellent networker and I'm proud to have in my network. So don't hesitate to ask for his expertise.
Kurt Hemeleers
Mustapha is a very enthusiastic networker and he speaks his languages!
His profile is impressive. I wish Mustapaha all the chances, he deserves it
Cora Stam
Mustapha is a very jovial and open guy He always seems to be reaching out to help others...admirable and extremly positive .
Shine Gopal
We met online just today and I can already say that I can feel Mustapha is such a genuine and special person. He is also extremely quick witted and able to supply you with answers about almost anything on the spot!! Well network with him and you will see.
Rachel Henke
Mustapha is open-minded and a cheerful person. But whatsmore he is a great professional in networking, human resources and coaching. I highly recommend him as a facilitator.
Looking forward to establish strong relationship between Ukraine and Morocco, Mustapha.
Alex Riabtsev
A Man with such a positive outlook in life who lived in so many countries including South Africa and Belgium and who appreciates the good things in life, an admirable man...And you need to meet up with him...A good communicator,
Rudi van den Berg
Sometimes the winds blow the desert sand from the Sahara desert right to Europe. And this sand then goes deep into everything and mostly remains there for quite some time... Mustapha is like this sand from the Sahara desert, traveling often to Europe (but not blowed by the wind ), going deep into our personalities, analysing us and trying to match the people who can be helpful to each other. His personality with a particular carisma and magnetism, unpredictable and impulsive, strong and tender sometimes, is always in the move, searching for new challenges for his vivid soul. Try to catch him for a chat or consultancy - and you will feel the Absolut Mustapha ... a man of balance - a human Lipizzaner.. ...
Andreja Lajh "let's do it"
A great networker and connector! A contact that you cant miss in Africa! A true giver in the real sense of the word! He believes that networking is about farming
not hunting! Welcome to my network of excellence!
Warm regards!
Victor Marques
Victor "Wine/Olive" Oil Star" Marques
Mustapha is very well connected and great fun to be with. I highly recommend you network with him. Make an evening of it; the conversation will be great and the experience will be one you could write about.
Mark Wing
An unusual and interesting character from Casablanca.
What else could someone be coming from a place like that?
Thomas Power
What is your website address?
How did you hear about Brooklyn Art Project?

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At 2:36pm on September 23, 2012, Janey_Godley said…

Mustapha, Many Happy Returns and wishing you all the best on your Birthday, From Janey Godley

At 3:29pm on September 23, 2011, Janey_Godley said…

Mustapha, Many Happy Returns and wishing you all the best on your Birthday, From Janey Godley

At 12:58am on September 23, 2011, JD Siazon said…
Happy Birthday!!!
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