New York City Tarantula Cockroach, 6 inch

New York City Tarantula Cockroach, 6 inch, 2000

In the world, there are numerous numbers of creatures, who’s single purpose of life is the destruction of Mother Nature (biodiversity) such as Africanized Honeybee, Zebra Mussel, African Giant Snail, Asian Longhorn Beetle, etc. -- they are called “Invasive Species“. These destructive beasts in the United States have been costing billions of tax money every year. The New York City Tarantula Cockroach is one of the most vicious, dangerous and quickly spreading pests in New York City. The outbreak of this monstrous parasite in Red Hook area of Brooklyn, New York in 2007 produced another outrage among people there. Unfortunately, this time again, this scandal was completely ignored by the pest-infested commercial rent-controlled building owners and their tenants (those liberal leftwing activists) because they insisted the “fun” of “animal right” of these disease-spreading giant cockroaches instead of “human right“ of people there.

Note: Invasive Species:


For the availability and price of this specimen/rogue taxidermy/artwork of beauty and wonders for your Cabinet of Curiosities or museum, please contact Dr. Takeshi Yamada (山田 武司) at Museum of World Wonders.

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