paper, watercolour, grafit, 86x62, 2017

These are old Gyumri images. These are windows of emptied houses and buildings. These pictures are characterized the transition period of the country, speaking as the facts of reality. These old destroyed windows show the absence of humanity, migration. Migration become a type of global political process in Armenia, with its whole problems in inner politics and social effects. These windows surround us everywhere , they become a part of our life .. they are witness facts .Nobody knows the future of these facts,under the effect of many factors. However it will be ,they stay in our memory ,in our souls. These windows confuse many feelings of past and reality, they arise in our souls the feeling of emptiness and sorrow.
The window is the important part of architecture . It’s also the important part of buildings with it’s ideological and physical meaning . It is a type of symbol ,representing bridge connecting inner world and outside .These closed windows remembered the period of iron curtain of Soviet Union.
We witnessed the early soviet and the late soviet periods in colours and meaning of this composition. Memories of the past can be differ with it’s time and character ,they can be positive and negative. They are important and valued for us with it’s genetic, moral, social, cultural meanings.
These illustrated windows seemed to be hanged in the air between past and future . They discolored throw the years ,they remind historical traces .They transfer us from the real world to the sensual world. These pictures connect opposites, they refine temporary contradictions, borders of desire and chances. Such type of approach is very important for cultural becoming ,modification, and they are the basic of modernist philosophy.
Karen Alekyan

Post Communist Visual Aesthetics in the Work of Armenian Artist Karen Alekyan
Kathleen McHugh
Tacoma, Washington USA 2017

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