just another sign on the highway to forever

just added this comment to the new york times website:

The secret life of a DI-Constructionist is guided by the desire to engage by example a public conversation through creative expression. DI(digital)-Construction is a term I coined to classify my photoshop collages many of which approach the realm of visual poetry. Photoshop is just another tool available to artists that allows us to construct a visual concept for the sole purpose of furthering an online conversation between two parties. The godzilla image included with this article is an excellent example. Digital Art has opened the doors for everyone to participate in society's ongoing experiment with freedom of expression as realized in a multitude of electronic communities. The age of passive entertainment is over. Welcome to interactive creative communication.


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Comment by Not Rondo on August 20, 2008 at 6:22pm
post script

my manifesto never got past the censors

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