Until we fully understand this, other discussions like "Is painting still relevant" becomes almost a mute point. Artist claim to understand the creative process and claim to use it so let's flesh out what it is, how it works, and what it's purpose is? I look forward to hearing from many of you.

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the creative [process is a process of discovery, it becomes the mastery over your materials, as well as self discovery.
the purpose of the process is to allow for a means of expression or communication.
One thing we know is that the creative process is bigger than art, so we must begin to separate the automatic connection usually made between art and the creative process. Only then will we be able to discern whether art is even the product of this process, and begin to use this process for it real purpose, which is to transform human consciousness to a higher level. Mastery of art tools helps to define what an artist does, so this may or may not be talking about the creative process directly. I too believe that the "process" is a process of discovery, but even this as usually defined can mean so many things to so many people that any objectivity gets lost. It is very common to hear the expression "everybody is an artist in his own way". No, not everyone is an artist in their own way anymore than not everybody is a doctor in their own way, or physicist, or businessman, Each requires specific commitment and study, and this still does not insure that the creative process will be involved. One can be a doctor or a creative doctor, a businessman or a creative businessman, an artist or a creative artist, and it is just this understanding of the creative process that can make the difference.
So, just because artists are making art doesn't mean that it is creative. It is this distinguishing feature, that if we could define it, would help us understand the bigger concept of a creative (life) process that does exists, which is responsible for our evolution as a spiritual and conscious being.



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