The theme of our first mash-up is "consciousness". It's something we all experience, yet even the most brilliant minds struggle to grasp it. Artists over the ages have created their own depictions of it. Now it's our turn.

/// step 1 ///
Download the hi-resolution (300 dpi) base image below or another member submission. YOU CAN START WITH ANY IMAGE YOU LIKE. Starting with the base image (first one below) gives you the most canvas space to create.

/// step 2 ///
Draw, paint, use Illustrator, Photoshop, or even print it out, then scan the final back in. When your done, upload one hi-res image and one low.

/// step 3 ///
Include the low-res jpg (same dimensions) in your post so everyone can see your work.

We'll be featuring submissions on the home page photo album.
Happy mashing. If you have a question, just post it here.

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here's mine...i started it earlier this afternoon...
the low-res...

i just used photoshop and kept it loose and sketchy...since the theme was consciousness, i just allowed a stream of conscious images to present themselves and allowed myself to make mistakes. pretty fun and challenging once i got past feeling odd about altering somebody else's work.
Jonathan, great job! Really impressed with everything you did here. Now someone can start with either yours or the original and take it from there. Curious to see how artists view consciousness, I have a feeling it's a bit different than most. Thank god. ;)
here are my scratches added. i used doodles with pen and some photoshop. i found it a little challenging also... but i was able to go a little nuts which was fun...

Can someone let me in on the secret to downloading these images? "Right click/save as" ain't happening... I get the .htm file instead.
Hey Jeff,

If you click on the base image link above (brooklynartproject_mashup_consciousness_base.jpg, )
the image should load,then you should then be able to right click to save as, or copy.
Let me know if that doesn't work, or just email me at anthony at and I'll send the file to you.

Yeah, That's what I'm doing, but for some reason (and only for the pic on this forum) it tries to save the page format (.html file) instead of the pic.... weird... Because if I try to right click/save that little image right above our conversation here, it works; I can download that. If you can send it to my yahoo e-mail that would be great. Yahoo will take up to 10mb in attachments. Thanks!
Not sure if Anthony has helped you with this, but the same thing was happening to me, I just force the image out of it by dragging. I'm on a mac. which version would you prefer to work on and I'll send it to you. no charge ;)

Jeff, glad to have gotten your email that the problem's solved.
Looking forward to your work. :) Thanks for the help Allicette !
Hey- what do you know- dragging and dropping works on a PC too. Funny, I just tried it on a whim and it worked! Not sure why I can't right click/save tho... Weird. I appreciate all the help guys.
OK, here 's mine...

(sob) this is soooo confusing- pay no attention to the little pic up there- here's the full size one. Just some goofing around with the textures, really.
And here is mine:




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