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for people who are a interested in the subject of disability art, disabled artists and artists with any other health issue

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Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on January 21, 2014 at 4:05pm

Aloha From My Studio, Coffee, Jazz, Great Company........for an early morning review of my latest intention of application, the few supplies, I have scrounged up from others similar journey & path. I try to convince myself as late that I live in poverty as a sacrifice in some unholy arrangement with the universe. (or mufti-verse, like my existence) Some people get it! Yes, I Loved Women, and procreated with numerous Beautiful, Intelligent, Compassionate, Loving, & Caring, Oversexed, Alcoholic & Drug Dependent Bitches. I am a European Descendant of “Gypsy's, Travelers, & Thieves”. I live on the Ocean at Reeds Bay Resort Hotel in Hilo, Hawaii. My studio faces a building with a sliver of view of the ocean at Reeds Bay. I have a Beach Park next door and a 40 acre Japanese Garden a few blocks away. A shower, kitchenette, Connectivity, and refrigerator with a microwave make it possible to be Creative and complete Projects. I try to work in some aspect each day, even if I am moving around to different Islands. So, this is my home base that I never could afford. The base cost exceeds my budget, so I try not to think about it and the bills, threats, and constant e-mail and phone harassment have subsided means I am a normal person that is “BUSY”.

If you spent millions during your life, would you be considered a millionaire, if it was unpaid credit and items accepted and never paid for??? The SCAM is a New York and L.A. Trait for Survival. I Laugh at the Folly and comic relief it brings to watch others lose their money and possessions and really get shook up..........when they have no compassion for others. The Crime Boss getting Scammed or The Banker, Police Chief, Mayor, or Boss getting caught up in a Scandal. Headlines are made for that. Now, I have worked Long & Hard, but remained celibate in this 21st Century. I wouldn't have been able to share the Recession with anyone. The pain and loss that occurred when I became Blind and needed corrective surgery that I could not afford, and all family, friends, and society cast me aside. The V.A. Gave me a stipend and eventually an Operation that allowed me to see sufficiently, with lens replacement Surgery. It's a Miracle. I created a few hundred Images in the medium of Oil/Canvas that Represent “Pidgin X-Press” My New School of Art. I Created it with a Project Image at the stroke of midnight 1/1/2000 that followed with 66 Large Format Images in the medium of Oil/Canvas that took a year to dry. (cure) Since, I expected rejection from Art Society I contacted them and as usual there wasn't any Interest. Perfect..........If I was a Controlled Minion of Art Societies, my Existence would be unnecessary. I am the Spark that lit the Fire in some cases a “Pyromaniac on the Internet” sparking Controversy over Grave Social & Political Issues....... I have been Banned from over 40 sites and censored as many times as an “Art Spammer”.

Paint, Paint, Paint......Rejection, Insult to Integrity, Disownment, Laughing Stock, Arrest, & Confinement, Assassination Attempts, Death Threats, Drug Ingestion Supplied by Big Brother & Home Delivery Systems paid in full by U.S. Taxpayers. Opiate Therapy to ease the constant pain mixed-up with some Herbal preparations to form a daily cocktail just so I can “Live” a NORML Life...... My latest Images are, “Uncounterfeiterable”. Layers & Layers with unusual tools to create textures & patterns unreproducible even by Myself. I am Safe & Cozy in My Studio where my poverty is loss of family contact and support. God Bless Them because they are just Human.

Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on November 19, 2013 at 3:26pm

Chief Share & Equality, Monarch of My Own Sovereign Domain. Bury Your Crap with a scoop of lime, and plant a tree on top of it. I make statements all the time that cost me money and I Apologize for that waste. If I am allowed to move to the country, onto my own parcel, that would be a “Miracle”. I would make My Project, “Another Roadside Attraction”. A Learning and Sharing Experience geared for “Corporate Tours”, as well as, Locals, young & old. Display Space for Completed Projects (Sales Area).  I am working on a presentation for Corporate Sponsorship.
So, my first structured campaign was hacked and my modem “BLOWN”.
If that is what I need to learn, I will comply, MASTER!
PLEASE! DON'T SEND THE DRONES.....................

Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on September 14, 2010 at 1:43pm
I am 100% Disabled living on a stipend from The Veterans Administration of $985.00mo
Lifetime Oil/Painter that trekked through 54 Countries without financial support trading "ART" for goods and services. I recieve physical therapy 2 times a week and exercise with improved diet is helping with my rehabilitation. Aloha From Hawaii
Comment by microbo.net on August 4, 2010 at 3:32am
Call for artists!!

Join micro²
f r e e exibition
f r e e color catalogue
deadline 15.12.2010
info | www.microbo.net (no profit art project - Milan, Italy)
CALL FOR PARTICIPATION AND FORM | http://www.microbo.net/pdf/micro2_eng2010.pdf
Comment by yoram lilach on September 22, 2009 at 12:40pm
Thnk you and All the best !
Comment by Ridha on March 15, 2009 at 11:17am


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