Call to artists --

I am seeking submissions for artwork to be displayed in an art
exhibition / concert / event during the weekend of March 20. We are
covering a spacious loft in Brooklyn with installations, paintings,
whatever you submit for an art extravaganza - party with live music.
This is a somewhat unofficial exhibition, but a chance to meet other
creatives and a good opportunity to display works you've already
created that don't have a home yet (may as well be seen!), or to do
something new and creative with few restrictions.

Send me a message if you or anyone you know may be interested!



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I would love to submit something. Please let me know how and where to send it.

I might be interested. I make glass mosaics from mostly recycled materials and I hand paint each piece of glass.
Christa alford
Hey Luba, Christa, and anyone else who may be interested - Thanks for your replies!

At this point I'm open to any types of submissions: installations, 2D art, etc. If you could send an email to with images and dimensions or details of any works you might be interested in showing that would be great, and also just a few sentences that may help us get a better idea of what we're working with! Also let me know if the work/s have already been created or if they are in progress. I am still in a very initial planning phase, which means that since I don't have all my details yet I am very open to anything, letting the work form the exhibit rather than the other way around. I'll be in touch as the event develops or with any updates.

I'm interested
YES! I would love to submit something. Please let me know how and where I should send it.

i am a german artist and in nyc this time...i am interested, too...
would be cool to hear from u...
Hi Aly,
Looking forward more details,
I can offer a illustration gallery, or photo gallery, or in collaboration with Videoartist, projections in your space, combine with drawings and photography.
Let me know and check our websites:
All the best,
Isabelle Duverger
Hi Isabelle -

Thanks for your interest! If you can send me an email at with some ideas that would be great (for 2D works dimensions would be helpful, and I'm very interested in the projections so maybe some still shots or a description, loop time etc).

I can provide more info once we get in touch about the details!

hi Aly - I would love to submit some work - please let me know more info... thank you!
Hi Laura,

If you could send me an email at that would be great. Include images or details of whatever projects you are working on, or pieces you have created. I can let you know more details once we get in touch - basically this is a one-night exhibition, concert, party, and general creative happening in Brooklyn put on in a spacious artists loft-turned gallery. I'll give you more info later, just shoot me an email so I have your contact info outside of this website!

if you're stilling looking for artwork, i'd definitely be interested...

Hi Ludwig - Thanks for your reply!
I am still looking for artwork and would be happy to send you more information - send me an email at and we can discuss the project!




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