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About Americanflat:

Americanflat makes great looking art affordable for everyone. By producing small, medium and large format reproductions of original artwork from some of the most dynamic emerging artists around today, Americanflat allows those who cannot normally afford large artwork to buy it for a very affordable price.

Americanflat would like to partner with you.  We offer you the ability to get the word out about your art and earn a royalty on the pieces sold.  In exchange for the licensing rights to your piece for a mutually agreed upon time, we will create museum quality giclees of your work, and front all the costs of reproducing your work at no cost to you. 

We will put our promotional efforts, advertising dollars and social media buzz marketing techniques behind your work.  Our website will feature biographical, personal and professional information where our customers can find out more information about you and your work.  

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Aloha From Hawaii, I am a Lifetime Artist/Oil-Painter and Digital Creationist. Whats Up? Show Me The Money.

Highly Decorative Art

sual tools, to add textures, and represent color, and intention within, that manifest an Image. To be as a Child, but Masterful of this Fantastic Communication, that is Bound in Time, and Will Last Centuries "Oil/Canvas” is The Absolute Highest Level of Communication for an Artist. It is very expensive to begin a process, that doesn't dry easily or cure properly, without blemish from anyone who touches it. I used to drift off into Space, as I was painting, “Plein Aire” on Maui, so I know it wasn't fumes. That Space was like a Dream State, and I was fortunate to be able to have visited there, a few hundred times. Each canvas that is Large Format 3ft. X 4ft. Is a feat of accomplishment, and costly if all the materials are new and Store bought. This body of work I Have in Storage, includes a few hundred Oil/Canvas Images and a few thousand Digital Creations. I am not represented, and Have No Gallery. Suggestions Anyone?



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