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by David Thomas


some one recently asked if i had tips. i don't think i'm qualified to teach but i thought about it and there are some things i learned that might help. some i learned from others but, most of it i found out on my own. one for sure is discipline.
all the great painters had it. they worked or thought about work on a regular schedule. i don't always produce something everyday, but i spend time in the studio. i allow myself to be flexible and do other things about furthering my painting career

if i can't get the brush to work out right that day. if that is the case, i found some other things that help and things to remember to avoid mistakes. if i don't feel like painting but know i have to get work done.

i start by dry brushing on the work. just to get the feel. sometimes thats enough. other times, i try a color blending exercise. i take two colors and start at one side of a practice canvas with one and add just a breath in as many segments making different colors before ending with the second color out of the tube. it takes about 20 to 30 minutes and that can really get me in the zone.

if i don't have at least 3 to 4 hours to paint seriously, i don't break out the paint. unless its glazing. that can take minutes. doing something quick can have disastrous results. if i still can't get it together, i don't paint. i have buried lots of good work under mistakes that forced me to go back and do the same work over and over again. plus, its discouraging as hell. so now i'm not afraid to not paint. the hard part is silencing the recriminating inner monologue for not producing. while i am painting,

i try to remember my color wheel and think out my brush strokes. i often think long and hard about final strokes around the painting. so i visualize a lot.
works well for golf too.

its tough to get a discipline down. i balance my work as a painter with voice over to pay the bills. i'm lucky, VO doesn't usually take much time to do but, it can come with out warning and is as fickle as the art world. serving two masters can give birth to a lot of negative thought and that's one of my hardest battles. i just try to do equall time for both sides and if i err, its on the good side.

His Website: http://www.davidthomaspaintings.com/index.htm

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