When I was writing the idea for this group, I thought, somebody will probably write that they have sex prior to working.
That would mean all of us `willing' would have to try it. I smiled to myself at the thought (any excuse to have sex is a good excuse).

Then I reflected on the question, `Had I?' And I remembered a specific recent occasion. And in my memory, I thought, no it wasn't good because I was overly distracted by thoughts of the person I had been with.

Is this true for others? Is having sex prior to working a ritual worth trying?

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Not sex it is too distracting.... Wine or drugs same they take my creative desires away also.
My ritual is to have no appointments pending and take a walk in the garden to look at flowers. Need my hot drink and my sounds (TV or Radio) and my dogs (fur friends) need to be feed etc. all ready for a long dreamy nap.
The candle is nice if the studio is not in a mess. No computer or phones to steal my attention.
A big kick is to go into the city ...Philadelphia or NY to an art exhibit... that inspires me:-)



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