If you are I could organise a small exibition in my town...
Based on free participation . With a canvas you are thinking never sell.
If I sell it , I'll keep 40%

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I will deal in Nantes for you : I'll be your agent for a - 6 months period

Hello Friends

This 'Event' invitation is an actual event, but you don't have to do much to attend!

From now until 12:01am (est) May 25th, there is still time to VOTE for me if you haven't already (and I'm very grateful for your support if you have already)

please click the link "Man You Factor" to my voting page and VOTE for Me, by pressing the 5 RED Stars on the page (on the top right-hand side)

I need the support and thank you so very much!
all the best...

Thats cheating 

Art curator Alik Vetrof project: information portal "News Contemporary Art" http://www.portalart.co.uk
Response prepared by the artist, writer Alik Vetrof publisher-editor in chief of publishing house "Library-E-Literature", book shop
Author's page with the artwork of the artist Alik Vetrof. Lead creative association "ASA ARTrandevu"
Art Dealer Center
Citevoy online magazine about contemporary art and artists "Art Galleries"

I would be interested. :)  I have so much work just sitting in my garage and extra bedroom that I would love to get rid of. :)

Please register and place of work


Aloha From Hawaii, I Have Hundreds of Oil/Canvas Creations. I might contribute if I have the physical address and your solemn bond to live up to Our Agreement of payment upon sale, in what time frame?

I would like to expose, contact me, please.

Good afternoon,

information portal "News Contemporary Art" http://www.portalart.co.uk

Skype: www.portalart.co.uk NCArt


Best regards, yours Alik Vetrof



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