If you are I could organise a small exibition in my town...
Based on free participation . With a canvas you are thinking never sell.
If I sell it , I'll keep 40%

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Sorry to all

I'm not a professionnal , and with lot of problems with my work , But for sure I'll take time this week end to explain my project with more details.

Right Diana , posted on april 17th but more than a few months without any comment , most of your comments are new.

Well, all right.
Take one chance.
I and we, wait for your project and details.
Thank you for your reply. Looking forward to reading your proposal.
i am interested...
First of all , you have to remember that I'm not an agent. And I'm not sure to be able to earn money with my art. But I would like to try. Not only with mine but also with yours
So I will expose in Nantes (http://www.nantes-tourisme.com/en/events/) an important town in the west of France.
I'm not a professionnal and there is no contract.That's why I propose you send me only those you consider you will never sell in your country. That's why the deal is :

You send me drawings , Canvas with a leaflet which present you and your work ; you organize the shipping.
I will expose all I will receive with mine , each time I will expose yours will be exposed
You propose the minimum amount you wish to earn.
I 'll keep 30% and I will send the rest via Paypal for exemple.
If you want that I return your unsold canvas , you will have to send me the shipping cost via paypal.
There is no contract , only confidence between peoples who share the same passion.
It seems crazy , but it should work.
I'd like to try.
If ready for this experiment, send me an email.

Jim B

The Friends of AIDS Foundation is currently seeking artistic submissions from individuals interested in donating their talent to the POSITIVE INSPIRATIONS project.

POSITIVE INSPIRATIONS is the exciting and upcoming publication designed to raise the level of global HIV awareness through artistic expression. The publication will showcase the talent from individuals around the world who are committed to our fight against the HIV pandemic and the HIV-related stigma.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, you do not want to miss this opportunity to gain worldwide recognition and enhance your portfolio by joining in our fight against HIV.

Art is the universal language that has the power to bring together many diverse people to hear an important message. Artistic expression has the ability to educate, motivate, and empower people to affect meaningful change. This project is about inspiring others through your creativity to make a positive change. YOUR ART CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

For more information, please visit: http://www.friendsofaids.org/PositiveInspirations or contact Angela Dena at adena@ friendsofaids.org.

Please help us to spread the word about this important project. Pass this information along to anyone whom you think would be interested in participating in POSITIVE INSPIRATIONS.

We look forward to your participation!

Together We Can Make A Difference!
Together We Remain Strong!

i am interested,too...

keep me updated.

when in France?Can you send me more informations, please? alex.zelina@gmail.com
you can look at http://www.celesteprize.com/opportunities/ there is a new area for your personal ads. if you want organise an exibition it's a good way
I would love it ..
I would love it ..

I am Interested in your offer pls respond immediately and let me know what must i do .

I can sell you my prints if you want.




Looking forward to hearing from you,


With Best Wishes,







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