What everyone is working on these days?

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This Tendancy To Make "NORMAL" Images That Conform To A Socially Accepted Standard Is Complete "Bulls Shard"! I want To Disturb Everyone Into A Frenzy Of Rhethoric Exclaiming My Lack Of Talent and Presentable Material. I Simply Don't Give, "A RAT'S DERRIER".
Yes Tom! That statement's tailored for the truth.Bovine Faecal thinking has left the artworld stinking.The cleanup is very evident in your statement.Deviation is the quality of a genius......PRINCE
Thanks for the reply.You're doing fine.....Paint on!!!!.....PRINCE
Hello, I am a new member here. I am a portrait artist with expertise in watercolor portraits. I am currently creating Michael Jackson inspired paintings and portraits, from 2009 to current. Here are some of my works :

michael jackson painting

Nice job Nicole,painstakingly done.....The Best To You......PRINCE
Interested for cooperation multimedia Art center

An artwork for my current project: I'm producing my first very own design book. Featuring work inspired by NYC, Kefalos and general other loves for graphics, typography, photography and other design related 'things'. It's exciting....should be printed in 5-6 weeks too!! :)
Aloha From Hawaii,
Giant Murals, are a Fantasy Of Mine.....I have 60 Images created in a Large format Style, 4ft. X 3ft. and a few 5' X 6' and hundreds of Large Images in storage that I should sew together making the Largest "Oil" Composition Ever.
I Live Below The National Poverty level and get most of my material from my recycling efforts through advertisment in our local 808 Classifieds. I never get Large Commissions and the Largest was $8,000 for a Portrait in 1998 when I was able to see clearly. In a few weeks I will have lens replacement eye surgery and after a month I was told I will have my eyes back and be able to see perfectly. At That time if their are any Patrons, I am available. I cannot travel outside the U.S. until I repay $79,000 to the Government for a debt. They withheld my Passport last time I went to renew it. I cannot Bankrupt this Court Order and remain a Hostage to it after a Lifetime of Travel into 54 Countries. A Large Mural would serve the purpose to Set Me Free, as well as give me the Opportunity To Have That Large Of An Expression......NAMASTAY.
HI there Thomas send the above message to - marcelinoferreiropaz@gmail.com I would like to hear his opinion.
Also would be wonderful if you could send pics of your murals to the above mail and - princefreakasso@gmail.com
Will look forwrd to hearing from you

I am in the midst of a year-long endeavor to immerse myself in art as much as I can (while still maintaining my day job).
I am painting A nude Today I have exhibit. 30 painting in a gallery in Liverpool England.



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