What everyone is working on these days?

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100 Collages... (!)
Im working on how to make more geometric patterns on paper. and how to incorporate it with my artwork. rellllly hard :[
i just graduated from art school and now Im trying to find open studios in manhattan! I just want space and a model!
Im trying to paint more portraits of people and sculpt and try to build a solid portfolio!

Hi Tony I have someone who commisions me sometimes to do a dozen works at a time.Right now they want
me to do 40 works on a bulk assignment,I really don't know where to begin?Let's hope I get the strength to do it
anyway.I never like this hurry burry work,it tends to spoil the quality and the aesthetics.
The Best,
Hi Tony yeah,saw that thing you mentioned about collaboration.There was a Texan millionaire who asked me "if I could
paint the worlds biggest mural"? Currently the record stands in the name of Taro Okamoto who painted it in some Hotel
in Mexico way back in 1969.I was in touch with Mike Smith, fabricators of Damien Hirst about the project,unfortunately
things didn't quite fall in place, as Hirst's fabricators prices send you through the roof.Anyway haven't really dropped
the project and will be scouting around for tieups.
The Best,
Hi Gwariboy,I wanted to see the post you made on the site, unfortunately, my player couldn't open it on you tube.
Tooooooo....Bad! maybe text would have been better? Rgds.....PRINCE

learning how to paint, draw and how to see again.
a new play called The OilBoiler in Kansas City, debut is may7th. just finished cover art for jeanann verlee's new book of poetry Racing Hummingbirds coming out march 19th at Bower Poetry Club.



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