What everyone is working on these days?

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Stencil on CD.

Lovely I love this photo
I'm about to start a Johnathan Adler-esque abstract/geometric piece I was commissioned to paint.
I am making a cut-out paper mouse for my Sugar Mouse, mousespottersguide project...I used to design soft toys and I made all the paper patterns from scratch myself - very old fashioned way to do such, I am sure -- I expect it is all done with a 3D scanner now. But those skills I used to use are coming in handy for this project and what is more -- I love doing it.


maybe a goofy question but - are the pictures related to the cd's?

ezunfela said:
Stencil on CD.

As of late I've been trying to combine the spontaneity of a sketch with the weight of a painting. Next is to introduce transfers of photographs into the image. The surface itself has been an element - combined of multiples or a single surface it's texture and connection to the work a part of the concept.
James Cospito said:
maybe a goofy question but - are the pictures related to the cd's?

ezunfela said:
Stencil on CD.

I have an exhibition coming up which is an installation/painting exhibition - there is a blogspot page for it now as it is a work in progress...

click here
on line live art event using net meeting and presentation software app for carbon offset capure on cell phones and writing
I am planning my visit to a book publisher about my Paper Mouse project which is part of my Mouse Spotters Guide project.
I need to plan the visit as I am looking for advice on how to design the book and find out how much such books cost to produce and what sort of person the book is best aimed at. These questions will help me make a better book.

This particular book publisher makes Arty Books but nowadays no longer funds the whole process. So to get my Paper Mouse book made I will have to find another publisher and maybe link up with another organization.

Any one interested in this idea do contact me,

Hey there Louise, how's your project going? :) Hope you are well.


Will you please vote for my work? Thanks




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