SACHA, a self taught New York Artist, 1965. SACHA has been active as an artist since he was 15, having shown his work in South America, Europe and in the United States.

SACHA has created a different way to paint, a technique which he calls Circulism. Circulism is a old drawing technique done with the use of pencils and color pencils, but SACHA has taken it a step further.
Since 2003, SACHA has found away to use paint in Circulism. He mixes the colors by making circles with use of toothpicks and nails. This Technique can be used with most types of paints and on most surfaces, like wood and glass. He scratches the surface always making circles and brings out the whiteness of the canvas or what ever the color or colors of the surface maybe. Up-close you can see and feel the texture of the tiny and large circles. You can also see how SACHA, with just one color can create shades by just applying more or less circles. This is why there is Movement through out his Art. To SACHA, Circulism is Movement.

A review written by Gary Peterson states: "SACHA’s still-life’s are poetic and his figurative art, anecdotal. They are self-aware delineations with a unique formal aesthetic owing to his meticulous method of tinting and shading the painted surfaces by etching circles with a toothpick or nail: Circulism. These orbital reverberations impart a harmonious molecular frisson in the eye of the beholder.
His images are like idealized specimens in a natural history museum, vignettes of life displayed in comfortable picture-planes. There are no loose ends in these well-balanced compositions. Both emblematic and decorative, they are each a tightly choreographed narrative, an existential play in which the viewer becomes viewed.

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