Looking for a Performance Artist to Perform for Receptions at an Art Gallery

Hello everyone!

This is Ouchi Gallery, a contemporary art gallery located in Brooklyn, New York.  We are currently looking for performers who are willing to collaborate and warm up our opening receptions.  We usually have opening receptions every Tuesday from 7pm - 10pm, and have been asking performers to come in for an hour or so during the reception hours.

In the past, we have had jazz saxophone players, multi-instrumental musicians, free-style rappers, dancers, poets, etc. We usually have solo performances since we are very limited in space.  We are looking for performers who can come up and play something that goes with the exhibition concept. 

There is no pay compensation, instead we would like to give a piece of art for you for appreciation.  This is because we believe that art should belong to people, not only to art museums or galleries.

If you are interested in being the part of opening receptions at Ouchi Gallery, please send your short biography (around 100-150 words preferred), your artist picture, links to previous performances and availability of usual Tuesday nights to Mayuko at press@ouchigallery.com Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you!

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