LAST CALL FOR phati'tude Literary Magazine. Check out: to find out about our guidelines, and while you're there, fill out our survey and you could win a $100 gift certificate from The deadline for submissions and the survey is MARCH 1, 2009.

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I would like to send jpgs for consideration for publication.

However, in the submission guidelines, there's no indication of the size of the jpgs that you want to see.
Also, will the images be published in black and white or in color?

Nina :)
Hi Nina: Sorry for the tardy response but you raised a legitimate question with respect to the submission itself. In the past, the print edition was always color cover, B&W inside. Since we are publishing POD, we are no longer faced with that limitation, yet when we begin publishing print editions, the question is, do we want to get into a full color edition. The answer at this time, is no: the inside will be reproduced in B&W. However, you should submit in color, in case we want to feature it on the website. Size is not an issue for me, you should send me your best quality that can make it through email. In light of my late response, as long as I get it by March 5th, that would be great. Cheers and thanks!


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