I want to make a high quality print of a smaller art work into a poster sized work, where to go?

I live in Williamsburg and i'm looking to take smaller collage pieces of mine to print them in the best quality i can get them in, and have them printed poster size..

anyone have any suggestions as to where i should go? THANKS :)


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i know this is a challenge.

i've got some small pieces that i would love to make into larger-sized prints, too.

but, i believe that a lot of detail might be lost in the process of making a small piece into a large print.

good luck!
Hello, I am a professional photographer specializing in documenting art. I can capture the image digitallyDand give you a large file enabling you to makes very high quality print . The equipment that I use is mounted on a medium format camera and produces a true 16 bit file. Anyway you can see my site at www.maxyawneyphotography.com.
My cell phone is (646)-258-9052, my rates are really reasonable. I hope this helps, Max
Yes, he correct!!! Go with him!!!!!
My english is not very good, but if i understand well or morethanless, the digital printer in great size is a good option. I prefer Solvents inks for this propose are more saturated. Used coated paper or canvas for the poster.
small 8 x 10 images created using digital capture loses clarity when enlarged to 36' x 48" and has a better chance if Photoshop programs are applied initially before printing. Expierance Spontanaity.
Iris Printers - Use to make awesome printers. I used them in the garment industry, as I was a textile designer, and colors had to be exact. These printers now can be rented or used, as they are $250,000 art printers. It's a vegteble dye too, which it use to be unique to Iris Printers only, but don't know, now a days. A writer now. Peace A.
Send them to Digital Arts Studio (www.digitalartsstudio.net) - they do excellent work
Nah, this is an easy question, the technique has been around for a long time, even before computers. I collect antique photographs, and am a photographer, seriously old school is the best for this. I mean if you want it professional. Professionally PHOTOGRAPH it! Then, ENLARGE it. Why? Less detail lost. Peace



for yur prints or other very easy site....




www.fineartamerica.com makes all the prints you want for just $30 per year and ships them for you!  they even mat and frame.  You select how much you earn from your work.  good luck.

wal-mart and office depot also make large format prints.



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