How to get started in the modeling or actress/actor business

Been reading here and heard of a bad experience one model had. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid the worst ones that pose as professionals but then show they are not professional by the way that they use their models, actresses or actors?

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There are some ways that you can alert yourself to the "red flags" in this business. One of the ways is this: If you have been approached by someone on the street, that is red flag number one.

Red flag number two- If you have already said , "NO" to this person and he or she ignores your "no' and continues to ask you again and again. This is big red flag here. Once a person does not accept your "no" , that person is showing disrespect for your opinions and your choices and your decisions. That is major red flag.

Models and actresses do not have to break into the business nude or partially clothed. That is a total myth. If you have decided to keep your clothes and and to pursue a modeling career, know that you can do this. Never let anyone convince you that to get a job you need to be naked or partially naked.

And lastly but not least, know that the ones that will pursue you to be naked might start out very slow and ask you to undress "a little". This is manipulation and control. They know once they can convince you to be naked a little, they can eventually get all of your clothing off of you.

Those are the plain simple facts of how to determine who to work with and whom not to work with.

Keep your clothes on you have a better chance of keeping your self-respect, and making it in a real career.

That's one opinion.



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