is there a database somewhere that lists galleries that are actually looking at new artist's work? Starting from scratch is so much work....I've been through the coaches like Renee Philips and haven't found them very helpful....

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I am certain that a database such as you are describing does not exist.

The best way, which is exceeding time-consuming, to (hopefully) find a gallery to represent you is to go around to a lot of galleries, or read descriptions of them, to see if they "show" artwork similar to yours.
If you see a gallery that you think would be a good fit for your artwork, you can ask to speak to the director of the gallery and ask if he/she is interested in seeing representations of your artwork.

Most commercial galleries show artwork that is very stylistically similar...

Good luck!
Yes, I know this routine, and at least now it is possible to do a lot of the work online. Someone with a good knowledge of the galleries could make some good bucks giving advice about specific gallery recommendations for artists! There used to be someone like that years ago, and Renee Phillips books can be helpful in this regard, but in this age of information it should be easily available...



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