As the Creator and Origin of all that you percieve. Using all the audio and visual input that is preprogramed. Is it possible that you are unable to have an “Original Thought”, Word, or Deed? All Languages have one intent; communication. Leaders of the Free World, are control freaks that make all the wrong decsions. We want a, “Perfect Life” while following Liars, Cheats, and Killers; that want you to believe in their distorted vision. We have authorized “Torture”, and dropped 5,000 pound bombs on sites in countries that we never forwarned, and never declared War on. What Arrogance! So, Who can change this direction of total control by a nameless, and faceless enity? You Can!

     Stop, buying their program. If you want a perfect society for the human condition, and not an angelic state of being, then accept human beings as existing in all their many forms of social groups, under some organizational control and direction. The Rich and poor, even the homeless drug addict, are programed into accepting their designated positions as true and right. How did each one reach this level? Today, class distinction is simply rich and poor. Take the concept of Equality and it just doesn't exist. Everyone Dicriminates!

So, today we are building walls, adding security systems to protect our precious valuables and keep others out. We have also aleinated society, and allowed Fear to direct our economies, devaluation. A loaf of bread is $5, and We are willing to cruise around with fossil fuel, polluting the Environment, paying $5 a gallon. This with a Constant War for the last 10 years, proves our regression. No Compassion In Combat, as proven in Iraq. America sent “Shock and Awe” to everyone, by invading and having 152,000 innocent casualties labeled, Collateral Damage. Drones in Pakistan, Yemen and Africa have killed innocent bystanders and guilty alike without a trial. Torture has been approved, under certain guidelines and with medical staff available to revive any unconscious detainee. We have

Gitmo” in Cuba to house detainee's forever if need be, witout trial or legal justice representation. Human Rights Violations are endorsed rather then condemned, and children that survive are aware of all their life expierance, no matter where their personal journey takes them. People actually Believe in this Crap of a World We are trying to destroy, as fast as we can. Driven into a morose and boring existance by manipulating economies, everyone accepts gloom and doom, groups of thought, planning their survival, existing under an umbrella of Fear.

     Take Charge! Do those things that bring Joy and Contentment to Others, that you share life's experance with. Clean Up and Maintain this Beautiful Planet and Ocean. Strive for a better life shared together with Respect and Love.

     We are the Pilots of our Dreams. We can soar, or we can crash. Remember to check the fuel, and avoid the storm. Run as fast as you can from trouble and you will survive. Don't Play the War Game. The only reason to attend events is idenity and support. If you want something to manifest, visualize it and convince someone else. Once a hundred monkeys theory takes effect, you are a success. But, What is your purpose? What is your intention? Where do we go from here? Re-establish yourself, have a complete makeover. Move that body, with a new direction, and a new diet. Look people in the eye, and exchange plesantries. Acknowledge the elderly, as well as the less fortunate. Try to be more Generous, and display Compassion; rather than Passion, towards others. Play with each other, and learn to work together with Aloha. When it feels right, it is. Pure Juice, is “Mana” personified. You are Illuminated without knowing or able to describe what you expierance, and that is your lifetime Quest. Read at every Opportunity, Educate Yourself and then pass what you know unto the next Generation. I Apologise To The Children, For the Mistakes Of My Generation. That Generation That Still Rules.

The Greatist Threat Is Nuclear, and Mutation seems to be the only way to Guarantee a Future. Don't Hesitate To Mutate My Fellow Homo-Sapien Art Lover's,Collectors, and Investors.    ALOHA

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