Looking for a professional art model for your studio work, private classes, or local arts group? In park slope and ready to work! 6 years experiance in a variety of mediums. Friendly, reliable, affordable. Contact me!

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Read your advertisement there. I see you are of six years experience. I post this for beginners or new models or even for you in case you have thoughts of this.

Never work for free for camera clubs. If you work for a camera club for the hopes of a "portfolio", have second thoughts about it. Or at least work for women, female photographers. I have seen too many "free" models who have given their time and effort to some, and I say "some" camera clubs, to be turned into what they should not turn into.

If you have six years experience perhaps you are familiar or have seen this, people "posing" as professional photographers -having nothing to show their professionalism except an expensive camera. Beware of these folks.

Everyone needs a portfolio, but everyone needs to obtain that portfolio in ways that keep their self-respect and in ways where they have control over the images shown in the future.

There have been too many male so-called-professional photographers literally drooling over model's photographs, models that they photographed "for free, in exchange for portfolios or for free pictures". This is a high price to pay for photography. When models are in need of photographs, there are many other ways to obtain them that are inexpensive, less expensive than selling oneself to a drooling "expensive-camera owner".

This is not about you or your purposes, but it is aimed towards any beginning model, actress or actor who might read your post. Hope this has been helpful to someone.

Need photographs? Need a portfolio. Save up and pay cash for it. Or look to college students in photography classes who are earnest in learning their business. Look towards female photographers, most who do this for the art rather than for the drool effect.

Added note: Remember that when you work for free for unknown "photographers", you have no control over where that image goes, or how that image is changed, edited or photoshopped. You lose control over your image. And, in a sense, you lose control over how your world, your career world, your personal world and how society views you and your images. Think of your future, not just of your immediate photography or portfolio needs.
That's good advice. I posed only for fine art, mainly painting, sculpture, etc. I never work for free, or trade for print. It's actually very easy to tell the difference between a professional and a creepy hobbyist. Poorly done erotic photos taken in someone's bedroom are not going to make a career. The best thing to do is make yourself a part of an art community and get work through meeting people.



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