I'm looking for an art and design school in illustration or fine art, does anyone have have something to recommend?

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Parsons for fashion, F.I.T. for other design and Pratt's a great school also.Good Luck!
The National Academy of Design is a really good school and I have to agree with Micci Cohan, Parsons is a top choice when you want to design fahsion. Visual Arts seems to be worth checking out, too. Especially in the NY area there is a broad variety of design schools that offer specialized and comprehensive education. Would be cool if you could let us know if you've already made a decision.
Thank You for all the responses. I was in the process of applying to Parsons, but then I got in to a fashion design school here in Paris, which made it much easier for me, so I'll be here for another 3 years. Thank you for all the help though!


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