What have you seen, heard thought about or dreamed about lately that sticks in your mind? It can be anything, art comes from anywhere :)

For me it's been art from Singapore. I'm currently a long ways away from Brooklyn, traveling through South East Asia to grow BAP on this side of the world and I'm mesmerized by all the work coming out of this area, especially Singapore.

We've got some talented artists from the area as BAP members and the emerging art scene there is really taking off. Here are some pics and links


Foon Foono


I.itch Illustrations (Kuala Lumpur)

Muhd Heider


Additional Artist Links in Singapore

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ties ties ties!!!

the ties that bind!!!

Lately, in November, I have thought about all the victims of domestic violence that speak out through their art because they have been trained to be verbally silent. They stay silent through necessity but yet their minds, hearts, thoughts, and hands speak out about the violence in non-violent ways throughout their art. Whether their art is watercolour, oil painting, collage, writing or photography, they all shout the same message, "You have silenced my mouth, but my message will be shouted out to a global audience with echos louder than those from the Grand Canyon, I speak! I speak! I speak!

No one can silence the human soul, spirit or silence what is in the human heart, not even the violence of an abuser can silence any message of help, hope, and help me so I can help you.

No one can stop the message. Now while these abusers trick themselves into thinking that they have silenced the women who live with them, they sit there smugly thinking that their secret is held tight in the mind and silent mouths of their prey. No one can stop the message.

I urge all women to speak out against domestic violence through their art, today, here, now and all over this world. Speak out. And keep on speaking out against the violence that society incorrectly labels, "domestic". There is nothing domestic about violence and nothing violent about domestics.

Speak out. I beg you; speak out. Paint out, sing out, write out, color out, act out, but continue, continue to speak out.

This message is copyrighted and can be copied one time for non-commercial purposes. This message is a part of the finallywespeak project against the violence in domestic violence.
Today I was Inspired yet again by Basho, not only his Haiku's but his prose.
energy bubbles, will do something.
I am continually inspired by the mysteries that lay around every corner of the things that are and are yet to be. life is the great mystery. I always feel most alive when confronting the unknown, for it is thought that leads to action and action is that which creates the world we know and live in. we are all individuals living in this one world making our own worlds in it.

It is this notion of the sublime mystery that informs my work.

Winter is the time for study,you know, and the colder it is the more studious we are.

Henry David Thoreau(1817–1862) Letter, October 24, 1847, to Sophia Thoreau

New York bugs
Totally inspire me latelly

Lady Roach

Wholeness of no limits.
The desire to see art inspires me.
The weather...it seems ..difficult...trees are making, noise and moving too much..the ground hard...I am thinking in muted colours dove grey/blues and chalky reds - but I am in fact creating with bright reds and strong blacks -- I won't let the weather enter and take over.
Having some personal problems that I'm trying to turn the emotion into some kind of creativity. But yea... sucks..
must be having a blast...nice works


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